Darren Chard Timascus Folder

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 5th, 2007


I have always loved Darren’s knives. I own several of them and want to keep adding to the collection, but it is unfortunate that he is no longer with the CKG as it is harder for me to get one of his knives now. The last one I got from him was from the 2006 CKG show, and he swapped out the thumbstuds for me to add a opal inlayed one.

This knife has a beautiful handrubbed S30V blade, and Darrens signature mark on the blade. Darren’s attention to detail on this knife is amazing, from the orange peel textured, purply-blue annodized handle to the backspacer, his perfectionism is immediately apparent.

Inside the backspacer the knife is engraved with his signature, and liners are always jewelled. The bolsters are a beautiful Timascus that blends in perfectly with the rest of the knife. Titanium liners, thumbstud, backspacer, handle, and bolsters. It’s all Titanium (and Timascus). Lockup and action are perfect. Darren Chard also mentored Randy Douchet in the art of folder making and Randy’s stuff is getting very good as well. If Darren marketed himself a bit better he would be swarming with orders… but he likes to keep it low-key, and that’s better for me!

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