A.T. Barr One-Eyed Jack Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 7th, 2007


I had always wanted an A.T. Barr ever since I saw one in a Blade Magazine Ad, so when the chance to buy one came up, I jumped on it. I was not disappointed. It was what I was looking for, a knife with the spydie hole, but custom quality!

There was a problem with the lock on the knife, as it was slipping when pressure was applied to the spine of the blade. I posted in the rec.knives newsgroup that A.T. himself frequented, and he responded personally to me, and insisted that he work with me on fixing it. He called me on his dime and got the problem resolved! What a guy, not too many like him out there.

The one-eyed jack is still one of my favourite designs, its one of those that I could see myself collecting several of in different patterns. This model has an ATS-34 blade and G10 handles. Titanium liners and a full G10 backspacer. It has a very smooth action and very extensive attention to detail.

I really like the way the knife looks closed as well. A sure sign of a good design. The pattern on the G10 is acheived by gradually making the handle thicker as it progresses to the back of the knife. Overall an excellent knife meant for light to moderate work.

Blade Steel: ATS 34 Satin
Blade Length: 2 1/2 in
Overall Length: 5 7/8 in

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