Strider SnG Tanto Gen 1 Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 8th, 2007


This is the first strider I ever owned, and I love it! I purchased this one second hand from a guy named LaBella… he’s pretty famous on the forums, and specifically. This one arrived in mint Striderfied condition, with the usual scuffs, and it has started a bit of a Strider addiction.

Since that Strider I’ve purchased a few and sold a few more, though not a whole lot. I’ve owned a couple of the other folders and a couple of fixed blades. The SnG is a amazingly well designed knife, one that you can choke up on, and hold regularly as well. It uses a “thumbstud” looking device as a blade stop when open, and a hole as the thumb opener. The backspacer and handle slab are milled from a solid peice of G-10, and have the “kill holes” drilled into the side. Thick titanium framelock with heat colouring.

Blade is Paul Bos heat treated S30V, and numbered. These early generation SnG’s were all numbered, now you don’t see this anymore I don’t think. This tanto SnG cuts really well for such a thick knife. I was able to strop this one to hair popping sharpness. I wouldn’t say that blade geometry was optimal, but it did make short work of nylon rope.

Quality and fit and finish aren’t what I’d call top notch. There was some blade wobble when the knife was closed, but when locked up the knife is like a bank vault. Something about the way this knife feels and sounds instills trust, and that goes a long way. The Strider warranty is also second to none, which is great.

Overall the SnG Tanto Gen 1 is a really great knife, but without some of the bells and whistles of current models such as the bull pivot and the Hinderer LBS. It is still an excellent knife, and worthy of EDC.

Blade Steel = S30V
Blade Length = 3.5″
Blade Thickness = 0.1875″
Overall Length = 8″

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