William Henry Mokume T-12 Spearpoint

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 9th, 2007


This was my first decorated William Henry knife that wasn’t just a typical base model. I had owned one of the T-10’s prior to this, and also a T-12 in Mother of Pearl. This model has the Snakewood scales, Mokume bolsters and 154CM blade. Titanium liners are annodized blue.

One of the cooler things about the William Henry knives is the small touches such as the curved bolsters, hidden pivots and thin pivot washers, all of which contribute to the refined look of the T-12 Spearpoint. Of this range, the Spearpoint was the largest, and I’ve owned several spearpoints, this being one of my favourites. The action on this knife is nothing short of buttery smooth.

Consistency is another trait common to William Henry knives. The snakewood scales are beautifully patterned, and from what I’ve seen, they do a fanastic job of hand picking every peice and selecting them for quality. The Mokume bolsters are not my favourite type of Mokume pattern, as I’ve seen others I like better, but it goes well. Since Mokume is made with Copper, it oxidies easily and gets a patina after a short time especially when touching it. One gripe I have with the aesthetics on the design: When closed the tang of the blade sticks out kind of funny above the handles, and I like it when a knife looks pretty closed as well as open.

Having said all that, this isn’t really a tactical knife, but I’ve done a review on it anyway! The knife does not feel like it could stand up to a lot of abuse, so I would not recommend it to be used that way.

Blade Length: 3″
Overall Length: 7 1/8″
Handle Material: Snakewood
Blade Steel: 154CM
Bolsters: Mokume

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