Crawford Small KFF Titanium Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 22nd, 2007


I purchased this knife on ebay and had it reblasted to new condition as it has some wear. It is a beautiful knife and fits the hand like a glove. There were two models, but I elected to buy the smaller one as it is more convenient to use and more along the lines of what I am looking for.

The Kasper Fighting Folder (KFF) is designed by Bob Kasper, a knife writer and instructor. Him and Pat Crawford designed this knife as the ultimate self-defense folder, and it has seen it’s success in a CRKT factory knife design. I agree that this knife makes a great SD knife as it has great retention, a good guard and finger choil and a nice peircing tip among other things.

The false top edge makes the knife a bit thin, and not as robust for heavy use, but that’s not what this knife was designed for. It does make the knife handy as a letter opener as well for us office types pretending to be mall ninjas.

Don’t see many of these around anymore, and the production version made by CRKT has been discontinued. The knifeknuts never-ending search for new and exciting blades has made the KFF disappear… as it has so many. Too bad, it was a great knife!

Overall Length: 7.25″
Closed Length: 4.25″
Blade Length: 3.0″
Handle: Titanium
Blade Steel: ATS-34

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