Matt Cucchiara Damascus Small Sirocco

Reviewed by corwin99 on July 3rd, 2007


This is my first Cucchiara knife, and its a helluva knife! I really like his fizz treatment and heat coloring of the handles. The thick blade and big-bellied recurve make for a nice blade profile as well. The blade on this bad boy is even thicker than the handles! This knife was made prior to the later styles that Matt has been making with the hand-carved handles.

I personally do not like the hand carved handles quite as much, as they look a bit too artsy for me. This is my favourite knife from Matt, with the extra thick 3/16″ blade on it in a Basketweave Devin Thomas damascus. Matt said that this is a slightly different blade shape than the current Sirocco’s as it was one of the first ones he made.

Handles are heat-colored Ti in beadblast with Fizz treatment, standard spacers and standard pocket clip. The carved pocket clips were not available yet. The action and lockup on this folder is absolutely perfect. Centering is perfect and action is smooth like butter. Matt is one of my favourite makers out there, and I will be looking to acquire a nice knife from him soon. I would really like to see a Spydie hole in one of his folders.

The small Sirocco is a very handy size, similar to a Small Sebenza, and priced fairly close as well. For the money I’d go for the Sirocco, as it has much more personality as a knife, and is just as well finished as the Sebenza. Character goes a long way. The blade may not be as practical for use as a Sebenza, however.

Blade length: 3 1/4″
Overall length: 7 1/8″
Handle Material: Titanium
Blade Material: Devin Thomas Basketweave Damascus
Lock: Frame Lock

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