Benchmade Mini Skirmish BM-635

Reviewed by corwin99 on July 18th, 2007

Benchmade Mini SkirmishBenchmade Mini SkirmishBenchmade Mini Skirmish

For many years, Benchmade was my favourite knife company, and I aspired to collect as many as I could afford. So when this Mini Skirmish came out, based on Neil Blackwoods design, I jumped on it, unable to afford Neil’s custom version which proabably sells in the thousands.

I was not disappointed when I popped this knife out of the packaging. It was probably one of the nicest production folders in the sub $200 range that I have ever handled, and the action, fit and finish, and feel were all top notch. Handling production folders like this makes me question my own sanity in purchasing higher end production and custom knives in the $500+ range.

The blade is very handsome on this knife, with a slight recurve. Finish is a Stonewash which contrasts nicely with the blasted Titanium handles. I prefer the pattern on the larger Skirmish over this one, but it is still a very nice handle, with well designed contours.

Thumb openers are a series of holes, only one of which is actually used for opening. The holes are bevelled considerably more than the typical spydie hole, making it less grippy on the thumb. This isn’t a bad thing however, but in wet conditions it may make one-handed opening more difficult.

Edge came from the factory with a mirror smooth polish on it, similar to a stropped blade. I have noticed this is common among Benchmade’s knives lately.

Overall this is a lot of knife for the money, and if you are looking for a stylish and more affordable alternative to the Sebenza (notice how all knives seem to be compared to it?) then this is definately worth a look.

Blade Length: 3.43″
Blade Thickness: 0.130″
Closed Length: 4.30″
Overall Length: 7.73″
Blade Steel: S30V
Blade Hardness: 58-60RC

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