Jens Anso Gekko Folder

Reviewed by corwin99 on August 12th, 2007


Ever since I purchased my first Spyderco, I’d always been fascinated by the round hole opener. It is such a simple concept and looks really cool on a knife. I remember seeing A.T. Barr’s One-Eyed Jack’s in the magainzes and drooling over them… then I saw Jens Anso’s knives, and I have been captivated ever since!

Its a good thing I’m too cheap to buy most custom knives brand new, otherwise I’d be a very broke guy! I love Jens Anso’s custom folders with the Spydie holes, but at $550+ a pop, I wait patiently for them to come up on the secondary market in the $400 range. Not that his knives aren’t worth that much, I’m just so used to paying reduced prices its hard to break the habit!

When my Gekko arrived, I was surprised at the size and heft of the folder. And having seen some of Jens’ experimental folders on various message boards, I’ve really started to take notice of them and been considering trying to get on the list for one of them. I really like the way they look. He builds a very tough folder, with very good lockup and thick liners.

The Gekko has an S30V handrubbed finish blade, flat-ground and razor sharp. The handle has his grippy textured finish that he uses on many of his knives, and I really enjoy how the knife feels in my hand. The blade centering is slightly off in the closed position, but this is due to the grind rather than the assembly. It is however, pretty darn close. The overall finish of this knife is very good, and as you can tell I can’t wait to get another blade from him.

Action is a little bit on the stiffer side, I wouldn’t call it buttery smooth like a sebenza, but still really good. I think it could be improved with some lubricant. Detent is extremely good and holds the knife in well and it opens and locks with authority. The blasted finish suits the knife extremely well.. I really love this knife overall!

Blade Steel: RWL 34
Blade Length: 3 3/4″
Overall Length: 8 1/3″
Handle: G-10
Bolsters: Titanium

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