Tom Anderson Damascus Valkyrie Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on August 18th, 2007


Tom Anderson, like Gil Hibben, sold his designs to entry level budget knife companies which may have reduced his popularity among some knife collectors, but like Hibben, his custom work is no less impressive. Tom’s knives are top notch and his designs are very unique.

To boot, Tom’s also got a couple of tutorials up around the web of how he makes a folding knife. He’s willing to not only share his methods, but put forth the effort of having them published on the internet. Can’t be a half bad guy if he’s willing to do that eh? The Valkyrie is one of a few Tom Anderson customs I’ve owned, and definately the most special of the few that I’ve owned. This model is the smaller one, as there appear to be two sizes available.

The design is very unique and the materials are top notch, with a stainless twist damascus blade, dyed giraffe bone handle overlays, and a blasted titanium framelock. The knife is quite small, but feels comfortable when held, and has a mean edge.

Opening the knife requires pushing down on the friction folder-like protrusion at the end of the blade tang, which is somewhat awkward. I have found it hard to open the knife in one smooth action, sometimes requiring an adjustment or two hands to open it properly and safely. As a carry folder, its not your best choice. This knife does do an excellent job of sitting in my display case and looking pretty, however!

The point is extremely sharp and the hawksbill blade opens envelopes admirably. I’ve never tried using it on anything else! Fit and finish are impeccable, as are all Tom’s knives, but for some reason Tom’s knives don’t hold up as well resale on the secondary market. Not an issue for me, because I don’t plan to sell this knife, but it might be down the road, and it is something to consider when buying one.

That aside, its still a great knife and would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection!

Blade Steel: Damasteel
Blade Length: 2.75″
Overall Length: 6.5″
Handle Material: Giraffe Bone

5 Responses to “Tom Anderson Damascus Valkyrie Knife”

  1. Ralph L. Watts Says:


    I love the looks of the Valkyrie Damascus knife.
    Please tell me where I can get one and the cost please.


    Ralph L. Watts

  2. corwin99 Says:

    Hi Ralph, you can get one direct from Tom.. or try and find one on the secondary market, but they don’t come up all that often.

  3. Ralph L. Watts Says:


  4. Ken Says:

    This knife is SICK!!
    where can i get one, For how much?

  5. corwin99 Says:

    You can get one from Tom Anderson, they cost about $650-1000 depending on options.

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