Microtech Greenfly Butterfly Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on September 15th, 2007

Microtech DragonflyMicrotech DragonflyMicrotech Dragonfly

When I first saw the Microtech Dragonfly I really liked it, so when I saw the Greenfly I had to get it. It was a cheaper alternative to the Tachyon that came out earlier, with an aluminum handle instead of Titanium. Microtech excels at machined aluminum handles so I think this model fits with their brand better anyway.

One of the first things I noticed about the Greenfly was that it was really light. Most butterfly knives I had handled up to that point were steel as I had not yet purchased a Titanium one yet. The handle has really nice cut outs in it that have now been copied by many cheap chinese made butterfly knife manufacturers, but at the time was unique to Microtech.

Blade is a green coated 14-4CrMo is very good, 14-4CrMo is made by Latrobe and is a stainless tool steel that is similar in make up to 154CM. It’s been said that Microtech used 14-4CrMo when Crucible’s 154CM is harder to get. I’ve found it to be an excellent steel, and similar in performance to 154CM. The narrow blade means a steep grind, and in this case, it makes the GreenFly only an “okay” cutter. Most people aren’t going to be using this knife for EDC, so its probably not a concern.

I’m not a very good bali flipper, but I gave it a few flips. The handles are light, so it is a bit different than flipping a normal balisong. I found it a bit hard to “feel” the centrifugal force of the handles. I did take the knife apart though and looked at the bushings and pivots. The knife is very well made.

Overall it’s a nice looking and very well made knife, but not the most useful knife and limited appeal because it is a butterfly knife. Butterfly knives also have limited use as far as EDC since they are illegal in many countries and states of the USA.

Overall Lenght: 8.75″
Blade Length: 3.75″
Blade Steel: Latrobe 14-4 CrMo
Handle Material: Aluminum

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  1. Kyle Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    Aren’t you from Canada? Where did you get this knife??? Balisongs are prohibited weapons up here in Canada and if you did purchase it here you did so illegally.

  3. corwin99 Says:

    I am from Canada, but I’ve travelled, and I do a lot of my videos from all over. I did not purchase this Balisong in Canada nor do I have it in my possession anymore. Thank you for the update on the law.

  4. e-man Says:

    I live in Canada and got one of these legally from 888knivesrus.com

  5. drewbsta Says:

    how much are they

    just i mght want to buy 1

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