Raidops LJ3MP Fixed Blade Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on January 17th, 2009

This Mini Tactical Knife from Raidops is very well made, and when I saw it, I had to have it. Raidops knives are made by a fellow named Kim from Korea, and he offers a product that is quite unique. When I posted the review of this knife on Youtube, I had a few viewers complain that a 2 1/2 inch blade could not be tactical.

Obviously, I had to respond to statements like that. Many of the arguments complained that you can’t take a 2″ knife to a knife fight, or that you can’t cut down a tree with a 2″ knife, or it can’t do everything so therefore it cannot be tactical. I politely corrected them stating that it is not a combat knife, a tree-cutting knife, or an all-purpose utility knife. It is a tactical knife. The purpose of the knife is to give you a tactical advantage in a given situation. This knife might not suit all situations, but there are many cases where it might come in handy. No, this knife is not supposed to replace your Busse Battle Mistress.

It can be used as a neck knife if you want, though it leans on the heavy side due to its 1/4″+ thickness. Handles are expertly scupted G-10, and fit my hand like a glove. This is a small knife, with a small handle but it has excellent purchase and grippability (is that a word?).

The S30V blade is very sharp, but doesn’t pops hairs. It’s hollow ground, but since it’s quite thick to begin with the overall edge does appear to be on the thick side, and the secondary bevel is relatively large. I’m not sure what angle the secondary bevel is ground at but it appears quite obtuse, which would make it strong, but maybe not as good a cutter. Being S30V and given the thickness, this is not a knife that you would want to reprofile… well, you might but it would take a LONG time.

The spine and edges of the full tang are beautifully finished, with hand-sculpted edges that follow the contours of the edge of the handles. The entire blade is Gun Black finished. This knife looks pretty awesome, but it isn’t cheap given the size. One of these guys will probably set you back $220US or so. Is it cool? Yes. Is it useful? Maybe. Get one and see for yourself! I know I’m keeping mine.

Blade: 2 1/2″
Overall: 6″
Blade Steel: CPM S30V
Handle Material: G10


4 Responses to “Raidops LJ3MP Fixed Blade Knife”

  1. ke Says:

    i would like to buy this knife and i am in Asutralia,is this knife available to purchase,and how much is it? Thanks very much!

  2. corwin99 Says:

    Sorry I do not sell knives, and this knife has been discontinued by the maker. I am just a personal knife collector.

  3. Kevin Says:

    This is a great little knife – I’ve had it for years and still like it as much as the day i got it. Mr Kim makes an improved version now, as well as other very, very nice knives at great prices. I can’t say enough good about his work.

  4. corwin99 Says:

    I do look forward to one day picking up some of his newer knives!

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