Al Mar Sere 2000 Folding Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on March 18th, 2009


The Al Mar Sere 2000 created a big stir in the tactical knife community when it came out, as it was Al Mar’s first serious entry into the full tactical knife market. Most of Al Mar’s knives had not been really tactical until the Sere 2000 came out. It lead to a few more quality designs coming from Al Mar.

The late Al Mar was a great knife designer, and the Sere 2000 is one of the products of his genius. The knife is so simple, yet overbuilt, with a very standard droppoint blade with swedge. It has a somewhat pronounced guard on the handle, with finely textured G-10, and thick titanium liners.

The Steel on the Sere 2000 is VG-10, and the knife is made in Japan. The pocket clip is designed for deep, covert carry, and is a black color to match the handle. It is mounted ont he back of the knife so it can be switched for both left and right hand carry. The blade has a very beautiful fine satin finish, with Al Mar’s recognizable logo emblazed in red on the flats.

The knife has dual thumbstuds and a very healthy 3.6″ long, and .140″ thick. Its hard to explain what makes this knife so appealing, but it has something to do with the classic Al Mar look, combined with it’s solid practicality. The knife opens easily, and lockup is solid, more solid that many liner locks I’ve owned. The hollow ground blade is razor sharp, and the VG-10 takes a wicked edge.

I really like the guard that is build into the handle, combined with the curved butt, the knife also provide some retention in a self defense situation or even when your hands just get wet. The knife is really quite simple, but it gets right what so many knives with these materials gets wrong. Sometimes knives just try too hard, but the Al Mar Sere 2000 just nails it while staying true to it’s Al Mar heritage.

This is a fantastic knife for EDC, if you are up to carrying a slightly larger knife.

Blade Length: 3.6″
Overall Length: 8.5″
Blade Steel: VG-10
Handle Material: G-10
Liners: Titanium

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