Jeff Harkins SS Triton OTF

Reviewed by corwin99 on August 23rd, 2009


Without a doubt, this is the finest automatic OTF knife I have ever had the pleasure to behold. This precision crafted automatic knife is perfectly made, and oozes quality. Jeff Harkins is truly a magnificent custom automatic knife maker.

This Harkins Triton has a handle that is made from 416 Stainless Steel, and a combination of bead blasting and hand satin finishing on the flats. The firing trigger is stainless steel, as are many of the innards that make the knife fire as hard as it does. For those that are not familiar with the knife, it is a Dual-Action OTF (Out The Front) Automatic, which means that pushing forward on the trigger fires the knife open, and pulling back on the trigger will retract the knife blade.

I’m not familiar with Jeff Harkins’ spring mechanism on the Triton, but unlike the Microtech peice, this one does not stop when met with resistance… it will keep peircing through! Microtechs when fired against a cloth or something will stop firing and require the blade to be manually pulled out and locked in, while the Triton will keep peircing through the cloth.

The double-edged dagger blade is perfectly ground, which is not easy to do. The hand-rubbed satin finish goes so well with the hand-rubbed finish of the handle, and the plunge portion of the grind blends into the handle opening. The handle is assembled with black machine torx screws, positioned very carefully on the backside of the knife handle.

As you can see in the third photograph, the beveling around the coffin-shaped handle is immaculate. The firing button on the Triton is a bit on the stiffer side, so it does take quite a bit of a push to fire the knife and retract it, but it is understandable given the strength of the spring that is firing the blade. The knife overall is quite heavy as well, since it entirely stainless steel.

Overall, the production quality of this knife is very similar to the Scott Cook Lochsa, and in fact has similar styling. However, the precision machining and parts that goes into the complex dual action automatic mechanism are far more sophisticated than a simple frame-lock folder, even one as unique as the one-peice Lochsa. The Jeff Harkins Triton is the most satisfying OTF automatic knife that I have ever handled.

Blade Length: 3.6″
Overall Length: 8.5″
Handle Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Blade Material: ATS-34

18 Responses to “Jeff Harkins SS Triton OTF”

  1. connor Says:

    how do i buy one

  2. corwin99 Says:

    You can buy them directly from Jeff Harkins or from one of the various sites around that carry his stuff.. Just google Jeff Harkins Knives.

  3. Charles Vaughn II Says:

    How much for your SS otf Triton knife? 562-229-2501

  4. Nathan Chinn Says:

    IS it illegal for a normal civilian to buy one

  5. corwin99 Says:

    It depends where you are located.

  6. brook a campbell Says:


  7. Brook A. Campbell Says:

    To Mr Jeff Harkins.
    Arizona is it a state I can have it at?

  8. AdManTheLabRat Says:

    WOW! JA Harkins Triton’s are beautiful works of art. The Triton page on his website says there is a “9 month” wait for Tritons. If I won the State PowerBall/Lottery I know how I could spend all that money.

    WARNING -> You may never leave and if you do you may be pennyless and broke. Check it out…


  9. Philip Andrade Says:

    I would like to know how much does this knife cost and were can it be purchased

  10. corwin99 Says:

    You can get it for $2000 from Jeff Harkins.

  11. nelsonm Says:

    What about a belt clip? Is this just for looks?

  12. corwin99 Says:

    This piece doesn’t have a pocket clip. It can be just for display or you could carry it in a belt sheath. Most people would be quite careful when carrying a $2000 knife for daily use.

  13. Marty Says:

    how do I get one

  14. Antonelli Says:

    Hello i want Buy this Knife what Prise Please?

  15. corwin99 Says:

    You can only buy this knives used because it has been discontinued by Jeff Harkins. You can however get one of the new Triton II’s.

  16. Randi Says:

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  17. KEITH BROWN Says:

    where i buy one please?

  18. corwin99 Says:

    Can’t buy them anymore but try talking to Jeff.

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