Strider DDC SMF Custom Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on October 6th, 2009


This Strider DDC (Dwayne Dwyer Custom) SMF Custom is the first Strider Custom I have ever owned, and it is one HELL of a knife. Without a doubt the best quality Strider that I’ve ever owned, easily better quality than any of the production peices I’ve had. Given the price tag on the peice, this level of quality should be expected, however.

The Strider DDC and MSC knives are very expensive, and custom SMF’s often run over $1000. This SMF has the coyote tan handles and barbwire pattern on the blade. The heavy drop point americanized tanto makes the blade seem smaller than it is, almost feeling like an SnG as opposed to an SMF.

The knife has the Hinderer lockbar stabilizer and a cool Skull lanyard, and Dwayne’s cool engraved signature on the blade ricasso. Lock side is Titanium as all SMF’s are, and heat colored. The Tanto blade is 3 3/4″ long and bead blasted.

The Coyote Tan G-10 is the same as the production versions but perhaps has a level of finish that is slightly better. The blade snaps open with authority and the lock bar stops nice and early with lots of room for wear. The CPM-S30V blade is razor sharp and pops hairs with ease.

Like the SnG, the blade stop is the two frankenstein bolts that protrude from the blade behind the opening hole. They both perfectly line up against the frame of the knife when open, which was often not the case with early SnG’s. The quality control on this peice is impeccable.

While overall the fit and finish of this DDC are definately above the custom peices, whether or not this justifies the 200%+ price premium is debatable. The knife really does not have a whole lot that a production SMF doesn’t have, and most users would never notice the difference in the field. Having said that, I really treasure this knife and it seems to feel a lot cooler to me than the production versions. Maybe its because I’m a victim of marketing and sucked into the Strider brand… but hey, its a damn cool brand with some damn cool knives. I could think of worse ways to spend the money!

Overall, its a killer knife with a killer design and typically amazing Strider ergonomics. Whether or not it is worth the price is up to the user. Keep ’em Sharp!

Blade Length: 3 3/4″
Overall Length: 9″
Blade Steel: S30V
Handle Material: Coyote Brown G-10
Lock Side Material: Titanium

5 Responses to “Strider DDC SMF Custom Knife”

  1. vpsaline Says:

    Kinda boring how most striders either come in black or green. They should really start offering more color choices. That color is nice and I like the custom texture they put on it.

    You said the thumbstud contacts the frame on both sides but on striders they only touch the Ti side not the G10.

  2. corwin99 Says:

    I’ve owned 2 SmF’s and 3 SnG’s, and the thumbstuds (which are really bladestops), contact both the G-10 side and the Titanium side on all 5 of them. I know some earlier models of SnG where they did not contact the G-10 side but as far as I know those were just manufacturing deficiencies.

    Where did you get the info that they are only supposed to contact the Titanium side?

  3. vpsaline Says:

    you probly just never noticed, it JUST BARELY misses the G10, look closely.

  4. vpsaline Says:

    Only the ZT and Hinderer contact both sides cause they have liners on the G10 side.

  5. corwin99 Says:

    Very interesting.. That’s a good point of reference. Thanks for the info!

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