Brad Duncan 1911 Hammer Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on January 3rd, 2010


Like one or two of the other makers that have had their knives reviewed here, Brad Duncan also has a very bad reputation on the knife forums for taking customers’ money and not giving them knives for years. I have not followed the recent opinions, but have heard that they do not change much. Regardless, this is a review of his knife, not his ethics, though it is prudent to mention them as they will help determine whether you will buy from him.

The Specs of Brad Duncan’s 1911 Hammer Trigger folder are quite impressive, with a imposing 4 1/2″ 154CM Stainless Steel blade and huge Titanium Framelock handle that sports G-10 Overlays that are identical to those on a 1911 Handgun. The grips are interchangable with any grips that you would find on the 1911 Handgun, giving gun collectors an additional avenue of fun with this knife.

The knife features an IKBS Ikoma-Korth Bearing System in order to allow it to open faster and smoother than a traditional washer system. This is the intent, at least, but Duncan’s somewhat less than perfect fit and finish on this example means the action isn’t any smoother than a typical bronze washer, and may even be rougher.

The finish on the blade and titanium frame are not spectactular, and are not as good as his work from several years ago when he first introduced the Whiplash and other knives, but with the plumetting values of his knives, a 1911 Hammer for $450 or so is not a bad deal since its such a large and nicely designed knife. Having said that, most people will not support him as a knifemaker anymore and would only purchase his knives on the secondary market out of sheer curiosity, like me.

Overall, a decent effort by a knifemaker that used to be a much better craftsman. It is likely his orders are so backed up that he is rushing the work now just to have everything filled and avoid angry mobs and lawsuits. Hopefully he will return to greatness one day and right all the wrongs he has committed to his former customers.

Blade Length: 4 1/2″
Overall Length: 10 1/2″
Blade Steel: 154CM
Handle Material: G-10
Frame Material: Titanium


8 Responses to “Brad Duncan 1911 Hammer Knife”

  1. Darlene Collier Says:

    I was wondering if you had been in touch with Brad Duncan as I am his ex wife and his children would like to know where he is. Also if you have spoken or know how get in touch with him would you pls ask him to call his girls at 903-316-5632.

  2. corwin99 Says:

    Hi Darlene, Sorry I have not been in touch with him, nor do I know what he has been up to. Perhaps you should try the knife forums where a lot of other knife aficionados congregate?

  3. dave fillmore Says:

    sent 3 knives back to brad for service never got them back ! now i cant find him . hey brad , its dave fillmore how about sending my knives back?its been 3 years. WTF?

  4. brook a campbell Says:

    well after reading response from Mr. dave Fillmore // Thanks Dave for the update!

  5. nelsonm Says:

    Belt clip is too small…needs to be able to clip on to a 2 inch belt.

  6. corwin99 Says:

    Many prefer smaller “Pocket” clips.. as they are designed for pocket carry, not belt carry. Since it is a custom I am sure at the time it was ordered a longer clip would not be a problem. However, given that Brad has screwed a bunch of people back in the day its likely not going to be possible anymore.

  7. Somer Hollingsworth Says:

    The record needs to be at straight…

    I know Brad Duncan personally. He has been a good friend of mine for over 20 years. For a while now he has been the victim of an all out smear campaign. The Brad Duncan I know is neither a thief nor a liar and his blades are some of the finest in the world. Throughout the years I have often asked Brad why he doesn’t defend himself against these inflammatory accusations. He told me that these hyenas weren’t even worth dignifying with a response because anyone who has ever done business with him knows the truth. His business ethics and character, just like his knives are beyond reproach.

    I can also personally attest to the fact that during the divorce when it became clear to his ex-wife that she wasn’t going to be able to get every last cent she became infuriated, waging all out war; using social media and forums like this as her weapon’s of choice to spread her hateful lies and deceit. She has targeted not only his creative genius and the knives it has born, but his character and reputation as well.

    These false and pathetic accusations against my friend have been bothering me for years, but despite my frequent protests Brad has always been too much of a gentleman to defend himself. However, I am not! The record needs to be set straight, and now I have. Brad will no doubt be mad at me for not taking the high road, but I refuse to stand by and watch one more person stab a good man in the back.

  8. corwin99 Says:

    Its good to hear someone defend him. None of us know Brad personally just that a lot of well known collectors have sent stuff to him to be refurbished and never got them back or purchased knives and never got them. When this kind of thing happens its hard to think anything besides what it appears to be.

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