TMT Tactical Wallet in T-6061 Aluminum

Reviewed by corwin99 on February 12th, 2010

After posting this video review on Youtube, I received many comments about how ridiculous this wallet was, and how pointless and uncomfortable it was from the majority of Youtube viewers. However, youtube commenters also tend towards the immature and childish that get their kicks from talking down to others, so its not a good judge of what is good and what is not in many cases.

Now, that’s not to say that they aren’t right in many ways. A lot of questions seemed to stem from whether this wallet was comfortable in pants pockets. My first reaction to that was that I don’t believe that this wallet was designed for most people to just wear in their back pockets to work – the lanyard hole is evidence of that. It is a tactical wallet, used for more extreme conditions than the office or McDonald’s. Generally speaking, these wallets would be more suited to Camping or Kayaking or other types of situations where one might need a waterproof wallet which has some multitool functions.

As you can see from the above photographcs, the multi-tools that are included with the wallet are: Pen, Tweezers, Toothpick, Glassbreaker and Compass. While most of these are useful, the compass wasn’t working when I got it, which is a little bit disappointing, however i’ve heard that it is actually quite common to have cheaper compasses not work properly. I think I would have prefered to have a cool decorative medallion logo insert instead of the compass insert.

The watertight seal is a very cool sellering factor of the wallet, which is entirely machined from Aircraft Grade T-6061 Aluminum, which has been hard annodized black. The quality of the machining is not quite up to snuff with Surefire or Microtech, but acceptable given the $130 price tag.

The hinge is all metal, which makes it strong, but also makes a clinking sound when the wallet is open and in use. The clip inserts inside the wallet which serve as covers for the hidden compartments are a bit thin and cheap feeling. If they were a touch thicker and bead blasted I would have liked them more. The wallet is also available in Delrin Plastic, which would likely make it similar to a Pelican Case.

The spring locking latch is a nice touch and I really like how it works. The lanyard hold which allows you to hang the wallet around your neck is also a handy feature. One of the problems I’ve been having over time is that the rubber waterproof seal will come off when the wallet is closed for a day or two and then opened. This is a bit annoying to fix all the time.

Overall, I think the concept is a good one and the idea is sound, however the execution of the wallet is still a bit rusty, so to speak. It needs to be refined a bit more with perhaps a better finish, less rattle in the hinge, a working compass, nicer insert pieces and a less finnicky water resistant rubber seal that does not come out all the time. Once some refinements have been made, I think this could be a very well-made and polished product that many people would find useful for camping and kayaking or other ourdoor activities.

See the TMT Tactical Wallet on their website:

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  1. Tactical Gear Digest Says:

    TMT Tactical Wallet in T-6061 Aluminum…

    A tactical wallet? Not so sure about that but either way this might be of interest to the EDC Crowd….

  2. Jim Toner Says:

    Thank you for the honest review of our product…..TMT Wallets.

    We have only been manufacturing this product for about 6 months and we have made several changes based on the feed back that we have been getting from customers and reviews like yours. Which, we really appreciate.

    These changes include more attention to fit and finish and improved money and credit card clips. Our wallets are also available now without the compass for customers that prefer a medallion in its place.

    Furthermore we are getting ready to introduce a slimmer urban model and an injection molded Sports Wallet that will retail for much less that our current CNC machined Delrin model does now.

    If you’d like more information about our products or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally or visit our website

    Thank you again and best regards,

    Jim Toner
    Toner Machining Technologies Inc.
    An ISO 9001:2000 Registered Company
    828-432-8007 Ph

  3. corwin99 Says:

    Jim – Thanks for your comments and the new information regarding the upcoming models. I can see an injection molded model being very popular assuming it holds up and is priced right. The idea in general is quite good as most people take items like Pelican cases if they want a waterproof wallet, and Pelican cases can be very large and unwieldly since they are so thick.

  4. pierat Says:

    Agreed, you can’t review something like this on youtube and expect mature comments. I like the idea of a waterproof wallet. The swiss-army type accessories aren’t much of a big seller to me. However, for EDC I think this must has RFID protection built in.

    Thanks for the review

  5. corwin99 Says:

    To take that futher.. its almost like you can’t review anything on youtube and expect mature comments. Its like trying to talk tactical with Justin Bieber.

    Actually it does have RFID protection on the aluminum model!

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