Masters of Defense Duane Dieter CQD Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on May 27th, 2010

Masters of Defense came around in the late 90’s and produced some deadly designs, all of which were collaborations with well-known knife makers or martial artists and self-defense instructors. After they were sold to Blackhawk!, these were made with cheaper materials such as 440C steel instead of 154CM steel, and the Duane Dieter name was removed from the brand.

I’m not sure exactly when the transition occured, but this model is pre-blackhawk, and is incredibly well made. It harkens back to the days of the old Microtechs, and certainly brings back great memories of the all the top-quality US-made knives of yore. Its no secret that Blackhawk! is not liked by many in the online knife-world, but I really can’t comment on their quality since I never owned nor have I handled their products.

The Dieter CQD has fantastic ergonomics, and is designed to work well in a gloved hand, since many military users often wear gloves when operating their knives. The grip-tape is fantastic for retention and there are two ridges on the front of the handle that prevent your hand from slipping onto the blade. The blade is a modified spear point design by Vaughn Neeley, founder of Timberline Knives.

There is a discreet saftety on the thumb ramp of the handle, which works well. The carbide glass-breaker is also at the front of the handle, making it impossible to use unless the blade is closed. This is probably a good idea. The back end of the handle has a line/seat belt cutter, which is well concealed so that you can’t accidently cut yourself with it. The reversible pocket clip is only for tip down carry, which is also probably a good idea since otherwise you might accidently catch the line cutter on your pocket and cut that up.

Blade is black, and razor sharp. This Masters of Defense version was available in Bead Blast as well as Damascus and PVD coated blades. The current Blackhawk version appears to only be available in black.

The CQD is probably my favourite automatic knife in my collection at the moment, with a quality unmatched by any automatic in this price range. While I can only speak for the MOD version, this is still relevant to collectors purchasing on the secondary market. The Blackhawk version, while designed in a similar style, may not have the same level of quality in the finish.

Blade Length: 3.75”
Overall Length: 9.5″
Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Black PVD coating
Handle Material: CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum

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  1. Brook A. Campbell Says:

    Now that a knife

  2. brook a campbell Says:

    Well now you got me! I can’t make up my mind

  3. brook a campbell Says:

    Ok now how do I get ready to by one prob. 2 jeff Harkins / triton OTF & this one.
    Master of defense

  4. brook a campbell Says:


  5. brook a campbell Says:

    I’m disabled 51 year old guy that I could use some tips on how to defend my delf, But there is a problem I have brittle bones

  6. Brook A. Campbell Says:

    master of defense is the ONE I WANT how do I buy it? well pay for it what phone number

  7. corwin99 Says:

    Hi Brook, sorry these knives are not for sale necessarily. I am a knife reviewer, not a seller. Granted, anything is for sale at the right price.

  8. brook a campbell Says:

    So no phone # that a real drag you don’t have a web-sight ether? So how do I by it & how?
    I’m just totally new at your web-sight, sorry I’ve been bothering you.

    This is Most deffently the one

  9. corwin99 Says:

    Of course I have a phone number, but I don’t want random people on the intarwebs phoning me on my personal phone, you know?

    I’ve wasted my time before with people that just want to talk on the phone wiht me for hours and tell me they want to buy my knives and then they don’t know how to pay. I’m done with that.

  10. brook a campbell Says:

    Brook alan Campbell
    1801 N. La brea Ave. # 38
    Los Angeles ,CA.90046-8305 I have a Visa 4 last dig. 5709.
    I’ll not wasting your time!
    Master of defense Duane Dieter CQD.
    PS I saw the Video of it & I was in “Awe” on the craftsmanship

  11. corwin99 Says:

    Brook, I appreciate that you’re serious, but I’m not a store, I can’t take credit cards. Besides, we haven’t even agreed on a price. If you’re really serious shoot me an email at with an offer.

  12. brook a campbell Says:

    No Sir I’m total serious! Call if would you like (323)-851-7129 Fax # also.
    Have a great day & hope for a fax or call.
    I’m going to get a few winks ok? But like I said I’m not wasting you time! send my the cost of via Fax.

  13. brook a campbell Says:

    Mr. Duane Dieter Sir.
    So how do we deal with this? You know I’d like to buy you knife if the best knife I have ever seen Sir, I’m not a flake in no way! I stand buy my word, Can you gave me a web-sight to buy one & if the price is write I’ll buy it on the spot!
    Thank you for your time Sir.!

  14. Brook A. Campbell Says:

    I like yours much better than the//Copy (Black-hawk) the resin I ask is you blades quality, is a much better grade Correct?

  15. Chris Says:

    I have two of these I am interested in selling or trading. Both are automatic and they are prior to Black hawk buying them. One has the punch for use when inserting the blasting cap in to the charge. Let me know if interested.

  16. Dan Says:

    Hello. I might be “slightly” late, but do you still have a CQB that you are willing to sell? Thank you for your time. Dan.

  17. corwin99 Says:

    I still have the CQB, but it is not for sale, sorry.

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