Hogue Elishewitz Designed EX01 Folding Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on March 22nd, 2011

Specialist Gun Grip manufacturer Hogue, Inc. has gone into the Knifemaking business partnered with Allen Elishiwitz to produce a Production folder based on Allen’s designs called the EX-01 Tactical Folder. The folder is interesting on many levels, and has a unique button lock that Allen Elishewitz has tested live on several Youtube Videos.

The Hogue Elishewitz is one of the nicest folders in this price range that I’ve seen. With a unique fully G-10 Handle, the knife is very light and manuverable, albeit with a tip-heavy balance point which is unusual in a folder. The machined G-10 handle has Gunner Grip style divots on one side in the bottom portion with scalloped portions in the finger choil. The handle has great grip without shredding up pockets because the backside is smooth.

This Hogue Elishewitz EX-01 features a 4″ stonewashed drop point blade which is suitable for just about anything, especially EDC Tasks. Steel is 154CM, double tempered and cryogenically treated to 58-60RC hardness. The blade takes a razor sharp, hair-popping edge and has a VERY slight recurve to it, but really feels great in use.

The handle is Green G-Mascus, which is two colored Green and and Black G-10, which has a Damascus-like look to it. As I mentioned above, the Gunner Grip style divots are great for grip and look nice as well. The knife is available in an aluminum version as well, which does not require the stainless steel inserts to reinforce the lock on the G-Mascus version. I prefer the feel of G-10 in a user over Aluminum.

Lock and Action
The button lock is similar to the one used on Automatic knives but allows for a detent to keep the knife closed as well as locking it open. It adds a safety switch that is meant to prevent the button lock from failing when it is engaged. In my testing, the slide lock does a good job of preventing the button lock from accidently disengaging.

The button lock does allow an unrestricted range of movement unlike a lock back, and the Hogue Elishewitz EX-01 has a buttery smooth action as a result.

This is one of my favourite tactical folders under $200. If this was in a frame lock and of a similar design and feel it might be even better. Hogue certainly knows how to machine a knife so I am expecting great things from them with the launch of the EX-02 and possibly EX-03 folders due to be released later this year. Allen is a fantastic maker and his designs are practical yet beautiful. Highly recommended.

Blade Length: 4″
Blade Steel: 154CM
Handle Material: G-Mascus G-10
Overall Length: 9″

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  1. chris Says:

    I saw pictures of a prototype for the next folder in American Handgunner and it is sick. I just ordered this one. The next one looks like it will be a liner lock and they will offer a flipper. It is based of the “Tank”. This one isn’t based off a particular Elishewitz, is it? I don’t suppose you know when the EX-02 is coming?

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