How to Become a Reviewer

Here are some guildelines for you to follow and information on how to review knives on this site. All the knife reviews are by users, and we encourage discussion regarding the knives via the comments section. Please do not review a knife that has already been reviewed, but instead, add to the current review your own findings or opinions.

How do I start reviewing knives on your site?
To start reviewing knives, just register and then send me an email at requesting that I approve you as a reviewer. If you just wish to comment on existing reviews, you do not need a reviewer account, a normal registration will be enough.

Do I need experience to review knives?
No experience is necessary. Your personal experience with the knife is enough to provide us with your insight on how well a knife works and is made.

Some Rules and Instructions:

1. Only submit your own work! Please do not plaguerize other people’s reviews and post them as your own without their permission.

2. Maxium 3 Images per review. Use the upload feature in the administration section to upload and create the thumbnails for your images, and use the “send to editor” feature using “Show Thumbnail” and “Link to File” to display the thumbnails. They should be the first things to appear in your review, before any of the text.

3. Use the summary function. After your first paragraph of text, insert this: “<!–more–>”. This will summarize the rest of your review so that it appears as a compact review in the listings. When the user clicks on “read the entire review”, your review will be displayed in full.

4. Reviews will be displayed immediately but may be edited for content if it is deemed inappropriate or to fix technical errors in image positing and summary location, and ads may be added as well.