Spyderco Delica C11 Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on May 29th, 2007

Spyderco Delica

Sypderco’s Amazing quality shines through again in these Japanese Made (seki-city) folders. From their Distribution center in Colorado, Spyderco sells some of the highest quality production folders available.

This little knife is very flat. It feels like nothing is in your pocket when its clipped in your pocket. Lightweight FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handles give it a somewhat cheap feel, but the resounding click of the lockback makes it feel very solid. The delica is for smaller hands, so you may want to move up to an Endura if you have larger hands or want a larger knife. They are identical in every way except size.

The handle on the Delica is VERY comfortable, and the Trademark round hole makes it very easy to open with one hand. Cutting for prolonged periods presents no hotspots on my hand.

The VG-10 steel is one of the hottest steels on the market as far as stainless steels go. It is a relatively fine-grained steel and cuts very well, especailly with Spyderco’s great sharpening job out of the box.

You will not be disappointed with the performance of this knife, but you make see other knives that have similar quality made with nice handle materials for the same price. Spyderco uses top quality blade steel, but does skimp out on the handles for these knives, but they are ultra strong and will hold up to a LOT of abuse. They are designed for function, not form. Though many spyderco collectors like the designs a lot, including myself.

Overall it is one of the modern “classic” designs that will be around for many many years, as this model has been around for over 12 years if my memory serves… with minor improvements to pocket clip, handle and blade steel over the years.

Model: C11
Blade: 3″
Overall: 7″
Steel: VG-10

5 Responses to “Spyderco Delica C11 Knife”

  1. chris coetzee Says:

    i am very impressed with my salt1 spyderco i purchashed,i use it in my profession as a chef in the navy in the galley or kitchen,the knife cuts like a dream and its absolutely versatile.super thin slicing and carving is a walk in the park.spyderco rocks and everything its about.thanks sal.

  2. wyattt dery Says:

    where do i buy the knives cause im looking n cant find

  3. don ollis Says:

    i own three delicas, a fully serrated d-1 that a friend gifted to me @ 15 years ago (the one that started my knifenuttiness), and two d-4s, a pe frn, and a pe ffg g-10 model. the d-1 was carried for years, but is now resting but still ready for me if needed, and the two d-4s are now my edc. g-10 in rfp and frn in the left. these knives see daily use. ive added a paracord lanyard with a ss skull bead to the g-10 delica and a home made glow stick in the lanyard hole of the frn delica. i love the full flat grind, (word is ffg frn delicas are in the works). the g-10 model is a heavier built knife with full ss liners. its only slightly thicker than the frn model but definately more rigid. i also removed the black coating from the pocket clips with acetone and some elbow grease. the bead blasted finish underneath looks better to me, especially against the od g-10. these are great knives with many different variants available

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  5. Chris Says:

    Recently got a Delica 1. G-2 steel. Looks like it was never used. Great little knife; awful clip. I’ve almost lost it twice already because of that clip. Glad Spyderco came to their senses and changed the clip since this version.

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