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Spyderco is the inventor of the trademark round hole opener, which was incorporated into their first folding knives made in 1981 called the Spyderco Worker. Spyderco is run by Sal Glesser and his son Eric Glesser from Golden, Colorado. Their knives are top notch and made in manufacturing facilities all over the world including Japan, Germany and China.

Spyderco revolutionalized the Sporting knife industry by popularizing the use of one-handed openers and pocket clips in knives. They hold many patents and are among the most innovative production sporting knife companies in the world.

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Spyderco Police Stainless Steel Folder C07

September 10th, 2014 - corwin99


Here’s a classic that continues to be a fantastic EDC, and becomes an even better value nowadays as its price has come down in recent years. While it hasn’t been updated much and quite obviously feels somewhat dated in design, it is still a very effective tactical blade even though its been discontinued for 7 years.

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Spyderco Large Manix C95GPFG Knife Review

June 30th, 2014 - corwin99


The Spyderco Large Manix is very popular knife that has undergone a couple changes, and this is the second model that was released. The original Manix C95 released around 2004-2007, with this Foliage Green sprint run version released shortly after in 2008. This is the heaviest of the Large C95 Manix knives.

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Spyderco Manix 2 Tan G-10 Bento Box Edition Knife Review

December 30th, 2013 - corwin99


The Spyderco Manix 2 is a pretty awesome blade from Spyderco, and probably one of their most successful folder designs to date. This is the limited edition Manix 2 created for Bento Box, the online Spyderco shop. It also happens to be a pretty damn cool with the Tan G-10 and CPM-M4 steel, which is not stainless, but a bit more stain resistant than the usual carbon steels.

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Spyderco Military Fluted Titanium C36TIF Review

November 4th, 2013 - corwin99


And there she is: The beautiful and fabled Spyderco Titanium Fluted Military, perhaps the most well-crafted Spyderco ever made. At least to my hands and eyes! This USA-made Military features awesome blue-annodized and machined titanium scales, with an outstanding Reeve Integral Frame Lock system that is reinforced with a double-pinned stainless steel insert to reduce friction wear. And outstandingly engineered piece of cutlery.

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Spyderco Laci Szabo Folder Knife C146 Review

August 28th, 2013 - corwin99


Laci Szabo is a knife and self-defence tool designer who has an extensive experience in Law Enforcement and the Military and has also studied martial arts with some of today’s most well-known instructors. He has a unique style, and his designs are instantly recognizable to those that are familiar with his pieces. Here’s more about Laci Szabo’s Design Philosophy, and read further for the review of his latest knife from Spyderco.

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Spyderco Sage 2 Titainium C123TI

February 25th, 2013 - corwin99

The Spyderco Sage is a very well regarded knife and in many ways an evolution of the Spyderco Caly3 into first the Liner Lock version and then now the Integral Frame Lock version in Titanium. This is one of the earlier models to feature the CPM-S30V steel that is sent out to Taiwan for manufacture. Fit and Finish are superb, but I still think the fit of models made in Golden are better. This is an older knife, purchased used… perhaps the new ones are even more improved.

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Spyderco Native 3 Folding Knife

August 21st, 2012 - corwin99

The Spyderco Native is one of the favourites that Spydie fans like to buy and collect, in part due to its sensible design and materials. The knife is designed for the human hand and fits mine perfectly. There are several generations of this knife available and this is the 3rd, now discontinued, generation of the knife.

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Spyderco Captain C111 Knife

October 11th, 2010 - corwin99

Designed by Jason Breeden, the Spyderco Captain is designed to function as a multi-purpose utility and outdoors knife born from his experience in the Appalachian Mountains, where he resides. The Captain definately comes across as a unique function-follows-form design typical of Spyderco’s offerings, and partly the reason that I am attracted so much to it!

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Spyderco James Keating Chinook 3 Knife

September 6th, 2010 - corwin99


If there’s one thing James Keating knows, its knives. And when you take a guy like Keating and put him in a room with the crazy guys at Spyderco, you’re going to come out with an amazing knife. Now, let them revise the knife three times to perfection, and you have the Keating Chinook 3.

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Spyderco Kevin Wilkins Leaf Storm Knife

October 31st, 2009 - corwin99


One of the latest knives from Spyderco that I’ve just had to have is the Spyderco Leaf Storm designed by Kevin Wilkins. Formerly a Graphic Designer from Germany, Kevin Wilkins has become one of the premier new knifemakers to hit the scene, with a full selection of kitchen knives in addition to the usual sporting varieties.

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Spyderco Calypso 3 ZDP-189 Laminate

October 24th, 2009 - corwin99

I reviewed this one on video a while back, and have finally gotten around to writing up a written review for the non-youtubers out there. My impression of the Caly 3 Carbon Fiber with ZDP-189 Laminate blade has matured a bit with ownership of this knife, but I still really like it.

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Spyderco Delica 4 C11 Folding Knife

September 20th, 2009 - corwin99


I previously reviewed the older generation of C11 Delica, but the Generation 4 delica represents a major revision to this iconic knife from Spydero, and warrants a review. I also happened to receive the knife in a trade, so I figured, might as well!

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Spyderco Spyderfly B01 Butterfly Knife

May 6th, 2009 - corwin99


I’ve owned several Butterfly knives, and dollar for value, the Spyderfly is probably one of the best bang for buck Balis that I have seen. It’s unique design makes it a bit of an acquired taste for some, but with my limited flipping ability, the knife still acts like a Bali when I flip it.

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Spyderco Military D2 Foliage Green

March 3rd, 2009 - corwin99


This Spydero Millitary was one of the better examples that I had ever handled, with fantastic lockup and a perfectly centered and smooth opening blade. This example also did not have the blade rubbing against the G-10 handles that makes that rubbing sound that I dislike so much.

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Spyderco Vesuvius Knife C66PBK

February 1st, 2009 - corwin99

The Spyderco Vesuvius is one of the few FRN handled Spydies to have a smooth contoured handle, which I really like. It is also designed by Frank Centofante, which I was a bit surprised about. The design is much more in-house looking to me, but either way, I love the look and feel!

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Spyderco Paramilitary D2 Foliage Green

November 21st, 2008 - corwin99

I haven’t picked up a new Spyderco in a while, but every time I walk into the local knife shop, I see all their Spydercos displayed, and after a while I just can’t help myself. This time it was a Foliage Green Paramilitary that caught my eye, in the limited edition CPM D2 steel configuration. This is a very cool version of the Paramilitary!

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Spyderco Cricket FRN C29 Knife

October 18th, 2008 - corwin99

Since I reviewed the Ying Yang cricket I wasn’t going to review this FRN cricket, however this one is plain edged, and different enough I figured I would at least give a short review of it. The Cricket is definately one of the more popular ladies knives available, and due to the blade shape, works very well with textiles.

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Spyderco Merlin Knife C21/C08

July 5th, 2008 - corwin99


Yet another Spyderco, same FRN construction, though this Merlin here is a bit of a rarer knife. The Merlin is basically an FRN version of the Harpy, with slight differences in blade steel, shape and thickness. This Spyderco Merlin is a plain edge model, which is extremely rare as they are no longer made.

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Spyderco Endura C10 Black Knife

June 20th, 2008 - corwin99


Spyderco does not make a lot of black coated knives in regular runs like most of the big companies out there, and instead released them in small numbers for certain models only. Usualy only a few models are available in black at a time such as the Paramilitary, Native and Delica models. Even with their size, Spyderco has a grassroots feel to it because owner Sal Glasser is still very involved in the knife community.

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Spyderco Howard Viele C42 Knife

May 7th, 2008 - corwin99


The Viele C42 from Spyderco is definately what I would consider a Classic Spydie. Produced in relatively small numbers and with very high end parts for the time, the Viele was also reissued with higher end steel later, of which this is an example. I had one of the originals in AUS-8 Steel, with the Micarta slab on the back. The new one has Aluminum on the backside. I have long since sold the original Viele and now just own the new one.

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Spyderco Blackhawk C24 Folding Knife

March 25th, 2008 - corwin99


The Spyderco Blackhawk C24 is a very rare Spyderco of days gone by, and as you can see the example here is not in fantastic shape. I picked this up in a trade with a fellow from Russia. Don’t see these available very often at all, and probably bring in close to a couple hundred dollars when mint with the box if not more.

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Spyderco Lum Chinese Folder C65 BLP

January 31st, 2008 - corwin99


The legendary Bob Lum has designed several folders for Spyderco, and the Chinese Folder C65 is probably the most elegant of them. This is the limited edition Blue Lum Chinese Folder, which was produced in very limited numbers – The standard edition folder is Green. These things can sell on the secondary market for over $300… not bad for a production Spyderco!

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Spyderco Cricket C29S Ying Yang Knife

January 6th, 2008 - corwin99


The Spyderco Cricket is probably considered one of the ‘cutest’ knives on the market, and is certainly the knife with some of the most female appeal, so embelishing it with some Sante Fe stoneworks work seems natural. Of all the knives I’ve shown to women, the Cricket is definately the one that appeals to them most, and this Ying Yang modified one certainly takes the cake.

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Spyderco Pikal P’kal Knife C103

December 21st, 2007 - corwin99


The Spyderco Pikal (or P’kal) C103GP is one of the newer MBC (Martial Blade Craft) knives from Spyderco, and is very unique in the way it looks. The knife is meant to be used in a icepick style grip with the edge in (towards yourself). The mechanics of why the knife is held that way make a lot of sense. This knife is pretty much good for self-defense and nothing else, however.

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Spyderco Q C35 Knife [video]

September 25th, 2007 - corwin99


I received this Spyderco Q knife in a trade with a fellow on the rec.knives newsgroup many years ago named SPECOPS. He was a great guy and now and again I wonder what happened to the guy. I’m sure he’s around somewhere… he used to be a Spyderco rep of some sort. I traded him something for the Q, since it was such a neat litlte collector’s knife and it has risen in value substantially since I received it.

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Spyderco Jot Singh Khalsa C40 Knife

September 17th, 2007 - corwin99


I actually owned both the serrated and plain edged versions of this knife, and both are excellent examples of classic discontinued Spyderco designs. I remember reading an article by Massad Ayoob about how the Jot Singh Khalsa was his favourite self-defense knife to carry on airplanes prior to 19/11 because it fit the under 3″ rule at the time.

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Spyderco Dodo C80 Folding Knife [video]

August 8th, 2007 - corwin99

spyderco dodospyderco dodospyderco dodo

The Spyderco Dodo is one of the more odd knives made by Spyderco in the last couple of years. and features their ball-lock, which was created in response to Benchmade’s Axis-Lock a few years ago. Its a great little cutter that has a wide blade, and very low blade to handle ratio… typical of many Spydies.

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Spyderco Karambit C84 Knife [video]

July 11th, 2007 - corwin99

spyderco kerambitspyderco kerambitspyderco kerambit

This Warren Thomas designed Karambit was one of the first affordable, well-designed Karambits available on the market. Until the Spyderco, the only ones available were high-end customs, fairly pricey Emersons, or junk Karambits from M-Tech.

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Spyderco Delica C11 Knife

May 29th, 2007 - corwin99

Spyderco Delica

Sypderco’s Amazing quality shines through again in these Japanese Made (seki-city) folders. From their Distribution center in Colorado, Spyderco sells some of the highest quality production folders available.

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