James McGowan Ti Strider Spanner Key

Reviewed by corwin99 on July 7th, 2007

McGowan SpannerMcGowan Spanner

James is a stand-up guy, and every year when I go to the CKG show I have to pick up a peice by him. This year there were lots of things there as usual, but the cool funky gripped knives were all sold by the time I got there, so I was lucky enough to grab one of these titanium spanners, the last one. Actually it wasn’t there earlier, and appeared late, so I’m not sure where it came from.

Was not very expensive, and fits nicely into the Strider bull pivots on the newer SnG’s, AR’s, GB’s, RCC’s et al. The peice is handcrafted Titanium, with a rough textured finish and heat coloring applied. Much cheaper than the Atwood Prybaby and smaller serving only one purpose: To adjust your Strider folder.

Finish is not perfect, and cut is not perfect, but it looks good. Edges are bevelled in places where you’d feel the hard edge, and business end is chisel-ground. It has a nice hole in it for attaching to a keychain or around your neck. It goes well with the Strider look and you really can’t go wrong for the money! Recommended!

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