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Strider AR

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  1. Den Says:

    If there is one custom folder that cross grains both the tactical and Civilian market then this would be the one you would want to consider, Today 2018 there are many folders on the market with slimmer and lighter carry characteristics but then there are moments you never want to forget it’s there. The Strider AR is a robust and rugged folder that sports a CPM S30V blade known for its strength and high price tag, while the edge holds nicely this isn’t a sharpen and forget it blade, the bead blasted finish proves to endure even the harshest chores while giving very low reflectibility if any at all save for around the cutting edge. The olive G10 handles(well designed for sure), rest securely on Titanium liners and although the contour pattern are shallow and low profile it will allow your hands to transition the folder in a number of grips securely and freely, rest assured your hands close on this knife and the scales are wide enough to ensure even the most secure grip; job completed your thumb will easily find the release for the linerlock while your index systematically finds the back of the blade for a smooth and effortless closure that is most satisfying.

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