Reese Weiland Modified Emerson CQC-7 [video]

Reviewed by corwin99 on September 2nd, 2007


Received this Reese Weiland knife from the original owner on trade. He only owned it a short time and it was passed onto me. Not a cheap conversion, all in all costs just as much as purchasing a straight up custom. But probably the cheapest way to get a custom Emerson.

Ernest Emerson has created quite the following as an authority on edged weapons in addition to being a fantastic knifemaker. His technique, called Emerson Combat Systems, is well respected and taught to many law enforcement and military personnel. His famous knife, the CQC-7 has been rehandled by Reese Weiland, another fantastic maker. This model is specifically the CQC-7BW. The B means that it is the tanto version, and the W stands for waved.

Reese took the factory CQC-7 and reused some of the hardware and the blade.. everything else was turfed. Beautifully made bead-blasted Titanium bolsters, dovetailed perfectly with a bevel. Very nice touch. Sweet rugged and tacticool looking canvas micarta handles, and blasted Titanium liners, all done with perfect precision. If this is a good indication of Reese’s work, then he is a very fine knifemaker.

As a side note, the previous owner did say that Reese took 2 years to make this knife for him, even though it was supposed to be done in a few months. So projects may be delayed if you place orders with him, but the work is fantastic. The lock up is solid, and the blade play is nil. The handle shape as you can see is drasctically different than the original… and I like it!

Anyway, this is a great knife, though I dislike the wave feature and always have. I cut myself with it on day one!

Overall Length: 8.0″
Blade Length: 3.3″
Blade Steel: 154CM
Handle Material: Cancas Micarta
Bolsters: Titanium


5 Responses to “Reese Weiland Modified Emerson CQC-7 [video]”

  1. DARIO Says:

    hi i want to know if i can buy this knife from your website and if yes how much it cost


  2. corwin99 Says:

    Email me, I might be looking to sell it.

  3. john Says:

    This knife is sweet! I just bought one from Weiland and will be getting it any day now. took him 8 months to finish it
    thanks for the video

  4. Charles Says:

    Did you ever sale this knife? Would you be willing to sale this if so what cost. Thanks man!

  5. corwin99 Says:

    Hi Charles – this knife has been sold.

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