Kirby Lambert Mammoth Spearpoint [video]

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 24th, 2007


Two years in the making! This knife was not easy for Kirby to make me as he had to go to where he had his quenching set up in a different province to do it. He tried several steels to get a good hamon on a small blade and finally got this result, and it looks fantastic! This is easily my favourite knife in my collection, period.

The steel used I believe is 1050 Carbon tool steel, with Mammoth Ivory handles, and a Reptillian stainless Damascus by Devin Thomas. Dual thumbstuds with Hematite inlays on both on Annodized Titanium thumbstuds. Kirby did an amazing job with the color matching of it all. I was just blown away when I saw it on the table at the CKG show waiting for me. A lot of people were trying to get him to sell it to them instead of giving it to me.. it was kind of funny!

The backspacer is a work of art as well.. ball bearing inlays, my favourite. Similar to the ones on my Whar. Fit and finish is typical Kirby, nearly flawless. Even the hardware he annodized to a brownish rustic color that just goes so perfect with the rest of the knife… This knife is about as perfect as it gets for me.

Blade Steel: 1050 Carbon Steel with Visible Hamon
Blade Length: 3 1/2″
Overall Length: 8″
Liner: Titanium
Bolsters: Devin Thomas Reptillian Stainless Damascus
Handles: Mammoth Ivory

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