Chris Reeve Small Micarta Sebenza

Reviewed by corwin99 on September 6th, 2007

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Is there a more revered knife than the legendary Sebenza? You’d think it was Excalibur the way people talk about this thing! With perfect fit and perfect finish, why shouldn’t they? The Sebenza is probably the most perfectly built knife out there, bar none. Whether or not it’s the best knife is a matter of personal preference, however.

The model I’m reviewing today is the Small Micarta Sebenza. This one is only available in Classic, not regular blade and handle configuration. I prefer the Classic, so this isn’t a problem for me. This version has the black canvas micarta scale overlays, S30V blade and was born late in 2005.

There are some people complain about the S30V in CRK’s newer Sebenza’s saying that the lower RC hardness in the 58-59 Range isn’t as good as the previous Sebenzas in BG42 steel at 60-61RC. Whether or not people just make these arguements to maintain the value of their BG42 Sebenzas I’m not sure. Both are wonderful steels and I have owned both blades, however I have not used either of them hard enough to judge which is better. I do find that it is easier to bring the BG42 Sebenza to a shaving sharp finish though.

The classic handle with the Micarta overlays has a bit more purchase to it, and feels a bit warmer to the touch. Titanium is already one of the warmer feeling metals, but this is just a bit more comfortable and inviting to hold than the basic model. Only a bit more money too.

The classic blade is a nice utility blade shape with a hollow grind, nice satin finish. As with all Sebenzas, the exact same buttery smooth action compliments the knife, with all the screws the perfect length so that you can tighten them all the way and the knife will be perfect. You cannot tighen the pivot too much with a Sebenza, isn’t that cool?

Enough yapping about the ‘benza.. now go and get one to try for yourself!

Blade Steel: CPM S30V 58-59 HRC
Blade Length: 2 7/8″
Open: 6 7/8″
Handle Material: 6AL4V titanium
Overlay Material: Canvas Micarta
Frame Thickness: 1/8″

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