Spyderco Jot Singh Khalsa C40 Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on September 17th, 2007


I actually owned both the serrated and plain edged versions of this knife, and both are excellent examples of classic discontinued Spyderco designs. I remember reading an article by Massad Ayoob about how the Jot Singh Khalsa was his favourite self-defense knife to carry on airplanes prior to 19/11 because it fit the under 3″ rule at the time.

I purchased both my Khalsa’s second hand and both were in decent condition, and increased in value like all obscure Sypderco’s do. Handles were made of polished Micarta and the construction of the knife was pinned together, with the classic Jot Singh Khalsa look. Khalsa is an Indian knifemaker of very high regard, making some of the more expensive and bejeweled knives you will see.

I’ve seen several of his folders with this particular design, with the abnormally large hump perfectly for making into a Spydie hole, which they did. The knife can be opened similar to the Gunting, but pushing the hump against something to use as leverage.

As far as comparing the quality of this older Spyderco to the newer models, it doesn’t hold up. The pinned contruction doesn’t allow you to tighen the pivot, so in time it will loosen, and the liner lock is on the thinner side. This knife makes a great collector’s peice, but in this day there are many better choices for carrying making its used as an EDC somewhat obsolete.

The blade is a neat spearpoint in GIN-1 bladesteel, as was common of Spyderco’s of the time, and continues to have a small cult following being one of the wilder earlier designs of Spyderco’s. I personally like the old Ayoob better, but each one has their character, and its fun to try and get them all!

Model: C40
Blade Steel: GIN-1
Blade Length: 2 -7/8″
Overall Length: 7″

2 Responses to “Spyderco Jot Singh Khalsa C40 Knife”

  1. Knives Journal Says:

    Looks like a nice little blade to have. I like the comment about being able to bring that knife on a plane pre 9/11 because now not even scissors are allowed. Nice!

  2. Scott Holt Says:

    Was curious as to the collecter values of this knife. I have the sarrated version. I won it at a rodeo years ago. Dont know what it cost when new or when it was even made. Or the value of it now. Its gonna be a keepsake hand me down to 1of my kids dome day….. thamks for any info on this…..s.d holt 417-741-2769

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