Microtech Mini Socom Elite Automatic

Reviewed by corwin99 on October 7th, 2007


This was my first Microtech Automatic knife, and even though it was not expensive, I really cherished it because of the fit and finish that Microtechs have gave it such an appealing look to me. Within a week of purchasing it, a buddy of mine at the Dojo I train at fired it for the first time, and the kick made him drop the knife right onto the concrete, putting several dents into the aluminum of the knife. It was painful moment…

I don’t know the guy all that well, I just train with him, so I couldn’t really ask him to pay for the knife. He was poor. So I was basically stuck with a dented knife… but what a knife. Microtechs have a way about them.. the quality of the machining is very good, and the finish gives an air of perfection to it… something that you don’t get with any other brand. Its not something you can explain unless you’ve handled one.

The Mini-Socom Elite Auto and Manuals were the first Microtechs that were really affordable in my mind. They made an auto MT available at not much more than $110US. Previously, you were looking at paying closer to $200US for any of their automatic knives. Now the price of this knife has increased quite a bit however.

As you can see from the pictures, this model has the stonewash blade (which I think MT does one of the best jobs of in the inudstry) and black aluminum handles with black grip tape inserts. This is around the time that Microtech also started using the tri-spanner screws in all their knives, making it extremely difficult to disassemble them. Bits are now easy to get for those screws, and available on most sites that carry Microtech.

The Mini Socom is very light, with substantial kick. The scales are thinner than most similarly sized autos, with nice purchase and a comfortable grip. Blade is flat ground, 154CM steel, medium-sized at 3.4″ and clip point in shape. A very practical EDC user. I really do recommend this knife for an all-round user in the Automatics category.

Blade Length: 3.4″
Overall Length: 7.75″
Blade Steel: 154cm
Handle Material: Annodized Aluminum
Blade Steel: 154CM

5 Responses to “Microtech Mini Socom Elite Automatic”

  1. Ralph Piro Says:

    I love your reviews and would like to see more of them. I have alot of knives. From switchblades to daggers and swards. I would like to hear from you soon.

  2. corwin99 Says:

    Thanks, Ralph. I am going to continue reviewing knives! I have lots on the horizon.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Does this mini socom come with a safety of any type? Have you had any misfires in your pocket etc…?

  4. corwin99 Says:

    Yes this one has a safety, but I prefer to use without. I never have had an auto misfire in my pocket. Not a good one at least.

  5. BDavison Says:

    I have the automatic socom elite. Mine was 04/2003 numbered 0582. I bought it new in 2003, and it has been in my pocket everyday since. It shows a little wear, but not much for a 7 year old knife that has been used everyday. I have sharpened it a few times, but it still looks like a factory edge, not some hackjob sharpening. It is by far the absolute best pocket knife Ive ever owned. It WILL NOT FAIL.

    As far as it opening in my pocket. I normally carry it safety off, and its only opened once on me in my pocket that I can remember. With the safety on…not a chance.

    The spring in these things is incredible. When you push the button the spring would put a 1911 hammer spring to shame. Its powerful.

    The knife is light weight and very unobtrusive, and you will hardly know its there until you need it.

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