Paragon X-O Lite Manual Folder Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on April 14th, 2008


The Paragon X-O Lite folder was probably one of my most disappointing folder purchases ever. I really had high expectations of this knife, but they were let down when I received it. Paragon manufactures mostly automatic knives, and does not seem to have a website. They do seem to still be in business as their knives can still be purchased through a number of online dealers.

The X-O Lite manual folder from Paragon is a very thin folder, with a fairly cheap feel to it with very thin liners and a very thin blade. For a tactical folder it is indeed very ‘lite’ but the shiny black finish looks pretty cool. I never used it so I can’t say whether or not the finish is durable, but even the secondary edge bevel wasn’t very even. The blade feels fragile and the lock isn’t very secure.

Blade steel is the very competent ATS-34, and the the edge is extremely sharp. Handle is a bit awkwardly shaped for my liking, with the butt end digging uncomfortably into my fingers. Also the knife has a funny looking blade width to handle width ratio, which I find somewhat ugly. I’ve been impressed with the feel of the other Paragon Cutlery automatic models such as the Cobra, but the X-O Lite manual folder was a disappointment.

Overall I would recommend against this knife. Though it can be had for a very modest price, I would rather have a knife from CRKT with an inferior steel and a much better build quality, or any number of Spyderco, Kershaw or the like for the same kind of money.

Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length: 9 1/4″
Blade Steel: ATS-34
Handle Material: Aluminum

4 Responses to “Paragon X-O Lite Manual Folder Knife”

  1. calvin Says:

    I have a paragon top opening switch blade. I used it alot in Iraq and the edge is very dull and the tip has broken off does any one no how i would get it fixed through them or do they not do that?

  2. corwin99 Says:

    My guess is you’d just replace it. Not sure if they repair blades that are that broken..

  3. lant staker Says:

    do not know about the manuel version, but i had the auto version and i thought it was a great knife

  4. John J. Says:

    Yes, they will fix these blades and help with parts. I know these posts were made years ago, but the company changed hands and has an excellent reputation for quality and service. Still all American made, with the exception of the Japanese Seki blades.

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