Spyderco Merlin Knife C21/C08

Reviewed by corwin99 on July 5th, 2008


Yet another Spyderco, same FRN construction, though this Merlin here is a bit of a rarer knife. The Merlin is basically an FRN version of the Harpy, with slight differences in blade steel, shape and thickness. This Spyderco Merlin is a plain edge model, which is extremely rare as they are no longer made.

Since the Merlin was designed as a sailor’s knife, the spyderedge was considered more useful and thus this plain edge model was only made for a short time, at least that is my guess – I’m not a sailor. I do feel however that the blade shape of the Merlin would be beneficial for self-defence, especially for those individuals not schooled in the use of a knife for self-defense.

I received this knife in a trade, for what, I do not remember.. but soon after I realized that it was a worth a small premium over the standard Spyderedged models as I had received some trade offers from a few hardcore Spyderco Collectors for it.

The FRN construction of this Merlin is no different than the Enduras or Delicas of the same vintage, with and identical handle as the FRN Delica. There is absolutely no difference in their handles that I could detect, aside from the logo on the handle saying “Clipit Merlin” instead of “Clipit Delica”. This model was also new enough to have the David Boye Dent as well.

Overall the Merlin is a neat knife, but unless you’re a collector or want it for cutting rope, or carpet or for use in the garden for cutting roses or something like that, you’re better off spending your money on the cheaper Delica. The Merlin is a specialty knife with limited everyday use for most people.

Blade Length: 2 7/8″
Overall Length: 6-7/16″
Blade Steel: ATS-55
Handle Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon

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