Spyderco Cricket FRN C29 Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on October 18th, 2008

Since I reviewed the Ying Yang cricket I wasn’t going to review this FRN cricket, however this one is plain edged, and different enough I figured I would at least give a short review of it. The Cricket is definately one of the more popular ladies knives available, and due to the blade shape, works very well with textiles.

This is the FRN cricket, which surprisingly, has a screw together construction, unlike many of the other FRN knives of that era such as the Endura 3 and Delica 3. The later generations have screwed-together construction rather than pins. Its not so much that you would want to take the knife apart, but sometimes with hard use, the pins can become loose, and with pins, it is much more difficult to tighten the knife back up.

The pocket clip on the C29 Cricket is the same basic clip used on many Spyderco models, and not painted black, which I found somewhat odd. Not that its a big deal, but Spyderco tends to paint their clips black with the FRN models. FRN is the standard Volcano pattern as you can see from the pictures.

Steel on mine is ATS-55 and made in good ‘ol Seki-City, Japan. I feel that the Seki-City models of Spyderco knives from that era were superior to any of the other production facilities that Spyderco had as far as quality control and consistency. The blades come scary sharp, and pop hairs easily. Might not want to try that with a Cricket though, since the blade shape might cause you to cut yourself!

I think overall, the Cricket is a knife that a lot of people would find handy to keep around. The blade shape is great as a general utility knife to keep handy in a drawer for opening packages, or cutting paper, or what have you. The slight recurve is great for opening envelopes, and the small size makes it sheeple friendly and easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

Blade Steel: ATS-55
Overall Length: 4 1/2?
Blade Length: 1 3/4?
Handle Material: FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon)

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    hello got a black handle cricket spyderco?????

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    yes got one how much

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