Gibo Zakabi Framelock Folder Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on February 10th, 2009

Gibo Zakabi is actually two knifemakers, George Gibo and Carl Zakabi, and their collective products are produced under the name Kanaka Tech. All the knives are collaborations between the two Hawaiian knifemakers, and are very well made. I’ve had this knife for many years, and enjoyed every minute of owning it.

Kanaka Tech knives from Gibo Zakabi are not well-known, and both makers are not that well represented on the internet. Not sure why, as their stuff is severely undervalued in my opinion. I traded this knife for a Small Obenauf Model 2, which many would consider the superior knife, but how many Obies can a guy have right?

This Gibo Zakabi has an S30V blade with a unique finish that they call a barbed wire finish, very cool. Handle is a satin finished job with nice subtle baby blue annodizing on the edges and annodized purple standoffs. Hand-Carved Hawaiian flower motif on around the pivot is a nice touch too.

Blade is flat ground on both sides, with lots of Ken Onion style holes on the handle… I don’t know if they’re Ken Onion style holes or if they’re just Hawaiian holes, since all the Hawaiian makers seem to use them!

Jewelled inside flats on the framelock, with a very solid lockup. The thumbstud is a very plain nib, only one one side. Wouldn’t mind seeing something a bit prettier on a knife like this. For the most part, this is just another solid, well-made Titanium frame locker with a 3 1/4″ blade, but it stands out by using a satin finish with unique annodizing work on the handle, and the interesting barb wire blade pattern.

Overall a sweet knife that adds some pizzaz to your framelock collection, and I enjoy having it. I’ve considered selling it a few times, and even listed it once, but I have decided to keep it again.

Blade Length: 3 1/4″
Overall Length: 7 1/4″
Blade Steel: S30V
Handle Material: Titanium

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