Cold Steel Konjo II Fixed Blade Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on August 3rd, 2009


Are you guys ready for more Cold Steel? Well, either way, I’ve got more for you. I was never a huge fan of Lynn Thompson’s creations, but admittedly, some of his stuff does have an odd appeal to it, and certainly does excite the senses when you’re holding it. The Konjo II definately looks stunning in person.

However, as stunning as this knife looks, it has very limited usability. If you are buying this knife, don’t plan on using it as a utility knife or a self-defense blade because it simply isn’t designed with that in mind. Without any finger guards or choil and a super thin and relatively slippery handle, you are likely to end up slicing up your own fingers if you try to use it to protect yourself.

More on the super-thin handle… This knife is probably one of the most uncomfortable knives I’ve ever held. I don’t understand why the handle was made so thin aside from trying to save some money on materials. Gripping onto the handle with your hands it simply feels too thin and small – and I do not have big hands. Additionally, the taper towards the back of the knife makes the knife even more awkward to hold.

Having said all that, the knife does look quite beautiful if you overlook the functional flaws. The crosscut nickel silver habaki is beautifully done, and the San Mai III steel is beautifully mirror polished. The sheath is also quite nice with a genuine ray skin insert sewn in the all-leather base. The sheath, however, like the knife is not very usable and confirms the item as a show knife.

Blade is extremely sharp out of the box and shows beautifully. This knife is now discontinued and sold out, after clearing them out at a very low price off the CS website directly. Retail on this blade is $400US, but they were clearing them out for $150 each, or $200 for two!

Blade Length: 5″
Overall Length: 9 1/4″
Blade Thickness: 4mm
Weight: 6.6oz
Blade Steel: San Mai III
Handle Material: Micarta
Bolsters: Nickel Silver

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