Cutters Knife & Tool Brend Folding Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on November 14th, 2009


The CKT Brend folder was made in very limited numbers by Cutter’s Knife and Tool, who appear to be mostly inactive now, but still have a website. They have manufactured knives under license for Knight’s Armament as well. Their knives are built to extremely high tolerances and represent some of the most well-made production knives I have ever owned.

The Brend Designed CKT knife is available in several finishes including blade coated, bead blasted and satin finish combinations. The one that I picked up is the full 100% bead blasted example, and is probably one of my favourites. The design of the handle and blade are pure Brend, and resemble the Boker Brend series of knives, but with much better build quality.

This knife was also available in a Dual Action automatic version, with a leaf spring operated automatic opener, but this example is the manual action. The blade is a 4″ 154CM beast, with the signature Walter Brend plunge grind. Edge is very sharp, and the knife would be a great larger EDC. One complain I do have is the non-removeable, non-adjustable pocket clip.

I mentioned this in the video, that the washers are some of the thinnest I’ve ever seen in a production blade, while maintaining a buttery smooth action and perfect lockup. All great indicators of an extremely well-built knife. Thick washers allow more room for error in the construction of the knife.

Overall this Brend is a great knife, and more than anything a great collectible. They don’t make ’em like this anymore, and the CKT Brend knives are long out of production. Dual Action models command up to $500 on the market, and manual action models over $300. If you can get yourself one of these, don’t let the chance get away!

Blade Length: 4″
Blade Steel: 154CM
Handle Material: Titanium
Overall Length: 9 1/4″

Video Review:

6 Responses to “Cutters Knife & Tool Brend Folding Knife”

  1. hi Says:

    were do u get this blade

  2. corwin99 Says:

    I purchased this from a friend.

  3. Malcolm Werner Says:

    CK&T is still in business. Contact Tom Kyle at

  4. Tj Yarema Says:

    I was a dealer in Michigan and was wondering if you guys are making knives again? Please give me a call at (248) 227-0407.
    Thank you,
    TJ Yarema

  5. corwin99 Says:

    Are you looking to contact CKT? Because I am just a reviewer. Maybe you should be emailing that address shown instead.

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