Protech Godfather Automatic Switchblade

Reviewed by corwin99 on February 27th, 2010

Its about time that I review one of Protech’s amazing Godfather knives. While not having quite the online following and groupies that Microtech and Dalton have, Protech knives are generally of exceptional quality and options given their somewhat modest pricepoint.

I’ve been collecting Protech Godsons and Godfathers for quite a while now, and this is the first chance I’ve had to do a written review of one. I’ve recorded a couple of video reviews on youtube of the Godfathers, which I will embed below.

I have always been impressed with how well the Godfathers are made especially since they are available for under $200 even with very nice wood or carbon fiber handle inlays. This particular model has the blue and silver Jazz Aluminum handles with G-10 handle inserts. It is also a First Production Run model, serial numbered 431. Blade play on this model is non-existant, and the blade grinds are the older style type with the thinner blade and deeper hollow grinds.

There are numerous different types of blade finishes available on the various Godfathers with most models using Crucible’s 154CM Stainless Steel. This model has a semi-satin finish to it, with a bit more polish to it than usual, which creates a very nice look. The double hollow ground dagger style blade is very thin and light, which makes the automatic action very quick. While the knife looks like a dagger, the top edge is an unsharpened false edge. Since it isn’t concealed within the handle when the knife is closed, it would have to be dull.

The blade has absolutely no blade play, and has good lock-up with the button lock. The firing button on this model is the bead blasted steel variety. Many of the other higher-end Godfathers have exotic materials inlaid into the firing buttons as well.

Overall, the Godfather is my favourite Automatic knife for collecting. They have several varieties with very nice fit and finish, and that makes them fun to collect. The affordable price point makes them a viable option for knife collectors that scoff at paying big money prices for Microtechs.

Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length: 9 1/4″
Hand Inlays: G-10
Handle Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Blade Steel: 154CM


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  1. jim Says:

    instead of giving the knife a handjob pop it fucking out

  2. corwin99 Says:

    Blah blah blah. Spam Spam Spam. I used to actually buy from you guys too.

  3. TKNer Says:

    Really informative video, with some great background on both knives shown. Thanks!

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