Benchmade 750 Pinnacle Folder

Reviewed by corwin99 on October 29th, 2010

The Benchmade Pinnacle 750 was Benchmade’s answer to the CRK Sebenza. While this knife is difficult to obtain now, it was very commonly traded in the early 2000’s, especially in the less desirable partially serrated version. The plain edge version of this knife like this one is quite collectable.

While it was compared to the Sebenza due to the construction and materials used, the knife does not feel at all like the Sebenza in use. The action is not as tight, and moves more like a typical Benchmade. The Sebenza’s buttery soft, slightly tighter action is a result of its perfect tolerances. The Pinnacle, while good, is not quite a Sebenza killer.

The level of finish on the titanium handles is very good, bead blasted both for grip and ease of manufacture. Bead blasting provides a good compromise of cost and results. The titanium is 6AL-4V, and the Framelock is dubbed by Benchmade as a “MonoLock”. Its really just a regular framelock, of if you prefer, a CRK style integral lock. The body of the knife has a nice curve to it, giving it very comfortable ergonomics.

The backspacer is jimped, with ridges popping up just past the edge of the handles, providing extra grip. The backspacer appears to be black Zytel, but I’m not certain. Its quite small and only measures about 1 inch long.

The slightly recurved blade is ATS-34 and has a nice point to it, with not too much belly. The thumbstud is only mounted for righties, so not the best knife for a lefty. No reverseable pocket clip, either. This was common back in 1999 when this knife was released.

Overall, while not a Sebenza killer, this knife does hold its own against the industry leader in Titanium Intergral folders. For what is essentially 1/3 the price, you get a knife that is 95% of what the Sebenza is. Does it feel and operate like a Sebenza? No, not quite. Will the majority of regular users know the difference? Probably not. This is a fantastic knife with great USA-Made Benchmade quality that is one of Benchmades more memorable knives of the last decade. Benchmade recently released a limited edition Damascus version of this knife that retails at $800.

Blade Steel: ATS-34
Handle Material: Titanium
Overall Length: 8.35″
Closed length: 4.75″

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