Afrankart DFK – Double Knuckles

Reviewed by corwin99 on February 10th, 2011

Afrankart’s DFK double knuckles are a relatively new addition to the world of knucks, but they have a very cool look and feel that make them worthy of a review. Afrankart is a member on Jerzeedevil forums where I’m a member and it is also where I purchased this knuckle duster/paperweight.

The knuckle comes in several configurations, depending on his availability at the time. I’ve been told by a third party that these are made on a tabletop CNC machine, but I have not verified this. This particular configuration is Aluminum, machined finish, aggressive shape. It comes in bead blases aluminum and G-10 as well as rounded instead of aggressive shape. This is my personal favourite.

It feels super comfortable in the middle and fourth figure as I am wearing it in the third photograph, and my hands are are a glove size 8. Fingers are approximately size 9 in ring sizing, to give you an idea. I tested the knuckle on my cutting board and it did not hurt when I made contact with the board – a good sign.

The knuckles also have two lanyard or lightening holes in the base where you can attach your own lanyard. It would also be easy to have a Kydex sheath designed for the DFK knuckles to hang them around your neck for a self-defense situation. The G-10 models are lighter and probably more useful for this, though their stopping power is not as good as the aluminum or brass models.

The DFK’s also come in single configuration which is called the SFK but I have not tried those out. I wouldn’t mind picking up one of the brass models since they look pretty cool, though I think the DFK model is probably more effective. Both models have a sad face with X eyes as a sort of logo engraved on the base.

Overall the DFK’s are a very cool and satisfying knuckle duster and I really like the ones I bought. I feel that they are a good value and are prices competitively with other similar items on the market.

7 Responses to “Afrankart DFK – Double Knuckles”

  1. YSIDRO Says:

    Was wondering how much the Afrankart DFK – Double Knuckles were? and how I could get’em?

  2. corwin99 Says:

    The DFK’s in Aluminum are around $36 I believe, and in G-10 $33. You can find Afrankart selling on forums. Good luck!

  3. JulianBali Says:

    I have a set of these in G-10 and they’re well-made and capable of doing what they’re intended to do. Take it from me – but these and you’ll be happified!

  4. Neder Stefan Says:

    Hi i`m from germany,
    please send me an katalog so i can order this funny things 🙂

    Stefan Neder
    [address removed]
    Bayern / Deutschland

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  5. corwin99 Says:

    Hi Stefan, I do not have a catalog… you can find the seller on forums. Do a search for Afrankart.

  6. Ronny Wetzel Says:

    i will this buy Afrankart DFK – Double Knuckles

  7. corwin99 Says:

    Sorry don’t have one for sale..

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