Spyderco Sage 2 Titainium C123TI

Reviewed by corwin99 on February 25th, 2013

The Spyderco Sage is a very well regarded knife and in many ways an evolution of the Spyderco Caly3 into first the Liner Lock version and then now the Integral Frame Lock version in Titanium. This is one of the earlier models to feature the CPM-S30V steel that is sent out to Taiwan for manufacture. Fit and Finish are superb, but I still think the fit of models made in Golden are better. This is an older knife, purchased used… perhaps the new ones are even more improved.

Great leaf-shaped blade which is one of the blade profiles that Spyderco is known for, with a thin, full flat grind that cuts like nobody’s business. CPM-S30V steel is still the industry standard for high-end production and even custom knives. The choil continues from the handle into the blade tang which allows you to choke up on the blade, getting closer to the tip for more control. Obviously the blade shape and function here is almost identical to the Caly3 and feels very similar. Same thickness as well.

The bead blast titanium handle begs to be compared with a Sebenza, but it is quite different. The Bead blasting is much finer resulting in a smoother finish than the grippy blasting that the Sebenza gets. This means that it will scuff less and but will not have as much traction in the hand. The wire pocket clip can be switched from right to left hand carry but only gives the option for tip up. Overall I really like the ergonomics of the handle, as it is probably one of the best EDC Knife handles out there.

Fit and Finish
The fit and finish are very good, though I would have liked to see thinner washers between the blade and the handle. The Taiwanese-made Spydies leave more gap than I would like, but still is a very well made product. The handle has some machining marks in the scalloped areas but nothing that really bad, and they almost look like they’re supposed to be there – heck who knows maybe they are.

The satin finish on the blade is typicaly Spyderco.. very good for a production blade. The Taiwanese production got this very right. Smooth and straight grinds, with nice crisp edges – just the way I like it.

A superb piece that exemplifies Spyderco’s dedication to exceptional user-oriented knives. The Taiwan manufacture is very good, and the action is smooth and solid, locking with conviction. The CRK Integral Lock is superbly engineered, and has a very solid, positive lock that gives the user confidence. The Spyderco Titanium Sage is truly a knife knut’s knife, with fantastic EDC potential. Highly recommended!

Blade Length: 3″ (76 mm)
Cutting Edge: 2-5/8″ (67 mm)
Blade Thickness: 1/8″ (3 mm)
Overall Length: 7-1/8″ (181 mm)
Closed Length: 4-3/16″ (106 mm)
Blade Steel: CPM-S30V Stainless Steel
Weight: 3.5 oz. (99 g)

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  1. Kniferating.com Says:

    This is easily one of Spyderco’s most beautiful knives. I almost place it in the gentleman’s knife category, since it looks so classy. Great review.

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