Rick Hinderer Spark Custom Folding Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on April 24th, 2013


Rick Hinderer is one of the Premier custom knifemakers of this Generation, and his custom tactical knives have become some of the most cherished and sought after pieces on the planet. Hinderer’s knives had evolved over the last couple decades but still maintain the same signature style and character. This Spark is probably from the 90’s, but still maintains the same character as his current pieces that he makes in one of the most sophisticated CNC machine shops in knifemaking!

I really jumped on the opportunity to pick up this little gem when I found it, and have had the opportunity to enjoy it for quite a while. I knew it was going to be my only chance to pick up a true custom Hinderer, considering the direction his prices have been going.

The Blade has an actual americanized Tanto blade profile, rather than Rick’s exclusive “Spanto” style blade profile present in many of his current blades. I believe this knife may have even pre-dated the Spanto design, which is kind of cool and shows the evolution of Rick’s designs. The primary main grind is hollow, and the primary tip grind is like a modified Appleseed or Hamaguri grind, but with a secondary grind on the edge, the same as Rick’s Spanto blades.

I’m unsure of the blade steel used in this one, but its probably S30V or 154CM. Since I received this one well used and quite dull, I can’t really comment on the cutting ability. The blade measures 2.25″.


The handle has Rick’s trademark 3D machining, but also has a concave bezel around the edge, a feature that Rick used often in his earlier pieces. The back of the handle also has holes drilled into it for lightness and design. The back side has an integral frame lock machined into it. The handle is entirely bead blasted and overall has a nice finish to it. This particular Spark was missing the pocket clip when I received it and Rick’s shop said that they no longer make replacement pocket clips for it.

Fit and Finish
Excellent fit and finish for this knife, though perhaps not enough to justify the price. After I sold this knife, I saw it listed a few months later by the seller for over double what I sold it to him for. Obviously an attempt to flip and make some money due to the extreme rarity of the knife. There is absolutely no play at all in the blade, and all bits and pieces are finished as good as they can be for a bead blast handle and satin finish blade, though the blade had existing scratches when I received it so I can’t be certain.

Overall this Hinderer is a great rare piece of history from one of America’s more prominent custom knifemakers. Its a very collectible piece that will only increase in value (It already doubled since I sold it! 😉 ). I’m really glad I had the opporunity to own and handle a custom Hinderer, and gave me the opporunity to write this review to share with you all. These old Hinderers are really not about practicality and usability, but more about rarity and collectiibilty – which this piece has in spades.

Blade Length: 2.25″
Overall Length: 5.5″
Blade Steel: Unknown
Handle Material: Titanium
Lock: Integral Framelock

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2 Responses to “Rick Hinderer Spark Custom Folding Knife”

  1. Matt Says:

    Every time I see a Hinderer, new or old, I usually have to wipe drool off my bottom lip. I didn’t even know Rick made knives in the 90’s. Out of curiosity, are you willing to disclose what you picked it up for? Totally jealous…

  2. corwin99 Says:

    I got it on a trade, but just to let you know, the fellow that bought it from me was trying to sell it for $1600 I recall.

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