Microtech DOC Strider Collaboration Folder OD Green Knife Review

Reviewed by corwin99 on June 1st, 2015


Microtech has been synonymous with high-end, precision machined knives since their inception in 1994 in Vero Beach, Florida. They have collaborated with many high-profile knifemakers, and with this more recent release, the D.O.C., they have collaborated with Strider. The D.O.C. feels like an amalgamation of the Strider SMF and Microtech’s design flare for details.

The Microtech D.O.C. stands for Death on Contact, with the automatic version called The DOC Killswitch. You gotta hand it to the tactical knife companies these days, they sure know how to name their knives! Taking cues from Apple with the catchy names to describe relatively mundane and standard features.

The Microtech DOC was intially released as a custom knife for the NYCKS, and went on to be produced as a collaboration knife between Microtech and Strider. The knife features Striders design philosophy with Microtech detailing essentially in my analysis.

The blade on the DOC features a version of the Nightmare grind, made famous obviously by Strider. The finish overall is satin, with the flats satinized lengthwise, and the grind satinized in the direction of the grind. This gives it an overall attractive look. The blade steel is 154-CM, which means it was one of the later production models. The first 1000 pieces were produced with ELMAX blades, which is pretty cool. Seeing as this one is serial number 1991, I guess I am 991 pieces too slow!

The edge is sharp as hell, and pops hair without trouble. The blade is essentially a spear point type of profile, and works well for a majority of tasks, making it a good EDC blade shape.


The handle style is pure Microtech, from the beautifully machined and annodized aluminum to the grip tape inserts. The tri-wing Microtech screws are also nice and make the knife more difficult to disassemble. Its very comfortable save for the location of the pocket clip which causes it to dig into the palm of your hand when holding it in a regular grip. When the knife is choked up on in the finger choil, I find that it is more comfortable because the hand sits higher on the handle. I really love the ability choke up and the finger choil is nicely done in front of the flipper. The flipper is also made very well and makes the knife extremely easy to open. The big grippy thumbstud is also just as easy to use.

Fit & Finish
I had said that I felt that Microtech’s fit and finisher hadn’t been as good in recent years, but I have to say that this folder as well as the Whale Shark I had handled have been spectacular. I had handled some from around 2010 that were not to my expectations, but these are definitely superb. I cannot fault the fit and finish in any way. I do know that there have been variance in the amount of lock engagement on several different models, but that’s probably because it is a screw-in steel lock face and the additional parts can create some variation in tolerance.

In general, this is probably one of my favourite designs in terms of production knives. I’ve always been a fan of the SnG/SmF, and in this Microtech variation of the knife, it really does look pretty darn cool. The handles remind me a bit of a CC SnG, but with grip tape inserts. The addition of a flipper in between the choil and the rest of the handle is brilliant, and adds a whole new dimension to the functionality of this knife. The only thing I could complain about is the pocket clip as many others have, a bit uncomfortable in the palm and maybe could ride a bit deeper in the pocket too.

Otherwise, its pretty darn near perfect! Love this knife.

Overall Length: 9.00″
Blade Length: 3.75″
Cutting Edge: 3.25″
Blade Thickness: 0.16″
Blade Material: 154-CM
Blade Grind: Flat
Handle Length: 5.50″
Handle Material: Aluminum
Weight: 7.17 oz.

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