Brous Blades Reloader Mid-Tech G-10 Blackout Knife Review

Reviewed by corwin99 on January 22nd, 2015


Brous Blades, run by young Jason Brous, creates some very interesting, and well-made knives. This is one of his Mid-Tech pieces, not the custom one-offs that are about twice the price. Having handled the one-offs, the quality is on par, though the one-offs are much more customized and totally unique.

There are some that have not been too impressed with Jason Brous’ work, especially with the lightweight Bionic flipper and in general the fellow has rubbed some people the wrong way. However, most out there appreciate and enjoy his designs for the most part. I personally really like a couple of his knives like this Reloader and the Division flipper. Not quite ready to spend the $600 on a one-off from Jason, I elected to purchase one of his limited edition Mid-Tech pieces.

The blade features a blackout finish and is made of D2 High Speed Steel. D2 is a great steel and a very solid performer, though quite uncommon among high-end custom and mid-tech knives. It is a fairly heavy recurve design, very thick and has great tactical looking grinds in it. The blade is printed with the limited edition numbering on the front side near the tang, and “Brous Blades” on the spine. The blade measures 3.625″, so it is a fairly decent sized folder able to handle most tasks you would throw at a folder.

Opening of the blade is accomplished via an oblong slot cut into the top of the blade which serves to lighten as well as provide good purchase for opening the knife.

The handle on the Brous Reloader is one of my favourite parts, and what drew me to the knife in the first place: Great ergonomics, very comfortable, and superior grip. I think Jason Brous did a fantastic job here. 3D machined G-10 that looks and feels amazing in the hand. The Carbon Fiber version is even better looking! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get one of those – A bit out of my price range. The pocket clip is great as well and isn’t bolted onto the side like most, but comes out of the top of the knife to allow for deeper pocket carry.

I noticed that the pivot pin on this model is very close to the edge. I don’t like to see that on harder use knives because I believe it reduces the strength of the knife at the pivot. This would only be an issue if you were prying with the knife I think.


Fit & Finish
Spectacular fit and finish on this knife, on part with other high-end production pieces, though maybe lacks the “hand-finished” feeling that custom pieces will have. This feels like a production pieces when you handle and operate it – not something I can fully explain or quantify, just a feeling. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t have that hand-crafted vibe to it. Probably because so much of it is machined and not done by hand.

Lock-up is fantastic on this one, with the locking bar travelling exactly how much I like to see it travel: Just enough for full engagement. One of the things I didn’t love was how the ball detent leaves a silver travel mark on the blackout coating, and this is because of the pivot location being so shallow as I mentioned earlier. It would be nice if that part was all black.

Overall I think Brous Blades did a great job with this knife, and some of the minor issues I mentioned may be overlooked if its just a great looking and ergonomic EDC you are after. The value for money is there, and because its a limited edition of 500 pieces it makes it a little bit more exclusive and collectible. I’m happy with mine and will be keeping it!

Blade Materials: D2
Blade Length: 3.625″
Handle Materials: Black G10
Overall Length: 8.375″
Weight: 6.2 oz.

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