Medford Praetorian G/T Folder Review

Reviewed by corwin99 on December 12th, 2015


While not strictly a “custom” knife company, Medford Knife and Tool’s knives are all handmade in-house from the ground-up. They pride themselves on their 100% American-Made pedigree, using primarily American-made tools and parts. This is great is you’re American, but if you’re not, it probably doesn’t matter much but at least should count towards a quality made tool. The Praetorian has become something of a icon in the knife world, and for good reason.

Medford has a very good reputation in the knife world for their excellent customer service, which is key when that is one of your brand values. When spending $600 on a semi-custom knife, the customer service HAS to be good, right? Well, MKT’s is among the best from what I’ve read. I’ve never had to contact them directly myself, so I can’t comment on 1st hand experience but all the reviews I have read have been very positive.

Now onto the knife. This is one bad-ass knife! For me, the Praetorian was the first super overbuilt knives that really got my attention. The Carillo Airkat, and other similar knives all seemed to gimmicky, but the Praetorian was magnificent. I finally gathered up the courage and funds to buy one, and I am in love with it. If you’re a fan of the big, wide and thick blades, the Praetorian doesn’t disappoint.

The wide spanto/American tanto style blade is perfect, both hollow-ground and flat ground at the tip in D2 Steel, which would be my only criticism of this knife. If it were in a steel like S35VN or something a bit more “super steely”, I would be even happier. D2 is perfectly good steel though. The blade is extremely thick, measuring in at .190″, and has a “blood groove” in it that also serves as the thumb opening system. That thumb stud looking thing there isn’t a thumb stud, but rather serves as the blade stop for the blade when it is open and closed.


The handle is much smaller in profile that the blade, which allows you to get a good grip on it, even with medium sized hands like myself. The G-10 is very grippy, and in ACU Camo, which is my personal favourite color. If I could get everything in ACU, I would. Even underwear, yes. All screws are torx except the pivot screw, which is a spanner and will need a special too for adjustment. The jimping is something serious – big deep, clean jimping that gives superb grip, though is a bit painful if pushed hard on. Perhaps designed more for glove use, but still does the job.

The back frame is Titanium and features a Frame Lock that locks up like a bank vault. On the back there is their signature glass-breaker that is made from hardened D2 Steel that is NP3 coated. The pocket clips on the Praetorians come in different variants and can be upgraded. The one on mine is just a basic model – this is the $600 base model here guys!

Fit & Finish
This knife has superb fit and finish, much better than the original hard use knife (Strider). The G-10 isn’t anything special, more like a premium version of a Spyderco G-10 finish, rather than a fully contoured custom job but it does the job, and is still beveled nicely. The Titanium has a nice blasted finish to it and is very clean looking. Black finish on the D2 blade is also clean and unmarred showing that Medford does care about how the knives look finish-wise.

The action is superb, and opens smoothly with no blade play at all. Nice job, Medford.

I can’t recommend this folder enough if you are a fan of the big and chunky overbuilt knives! This is everything that I could have ever wanted and more when I saw the pictures and got it into my grubby little paws it exceeded my expectations, and I think that’s the most important thing when I get a knife. If it looks awesome that’s one thing, but when it nails it in the ergonomics, fit & finish then you have something special. The MKT Praetorian G/T is indeed special.

Total length: 8 15/16″
Blade length: 3 3/4″
Blade Thickness: .190″
Blade width: 1 3/4″
Scale thickness: 1/8″
Total thickness 1/2″
Closed Length: 5 1/4″
Weight: 8.3oz

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