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Crawford Knives consists of Wes and Pat Crawford, a son and father Operation. Earlier knives were made only by Pat, but new knives are made by them both.

Spyderco Blackhawk C24 Folding Knife

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Strider SnG Double Gunner Grip Folder Knife

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Benchmade Boguszewski Spike Automatic Knife

Spyderco Military D2 Foliage Green

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Crawford Small KFF Titanium Knife

June 22nd, 2007 - corwin99


I purchased this knife on ebay and had it reblasted to new condition as it has some wear. It is a beautiful knife and fits the hand like a glove. There were two models, but I elected to buy the smaller one as it is more convenient to use and more along the lines of what I am looking for.

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