Tom Anderson Tanto Folder

Reviewed by corwin99 on October 28th, 2007


My first experience with Tom Anderson designed knives came from Master Cutlery. I immediately classified Tom as another Gil Hibben – a Great knifemaker who had sold out. However, I found out that Tom was still making custom folders, and lots of them. I thought that was pretty cool. I also found several step by steps on how he makes a folder on the internet and it changed my impression of him immediately.

This is one of Tom’s older folders, and is a bit dated as far as materials goes. The handles and single liner are all Stainless steel, with a ATS-34 blade. It is chisel flat-ground blade, with bead-blasted finish. The handle has drilled and bevelled holes Tom Mayo style, but this was before Tom Mayo’s time. Tom Anderson’s knives didn’t quite appreciate and get the same fever as Tom Mayo’s, however.

This is one of two Anderson knives I’ve ever owned, and the other is quite different. Tom’s grinds are fantastic, his designs are certainly unique, and quality is top notch. Blade is sharp, and ergonics are good as well. I wish this one had a pocket clip, because its a really large knife and very much a tactical folder, but a tactical folder without a pocket clip needs a kydex sheath or something and this had neither.

I actually contemplated tapping screw holes in this knife and mounting my own pocket clip. The style of the knife lends itself to Dalton Combat style pocket clips, with the chunky hex bolt screws on the clip, similar to the way the thumbstud is on this knife.

Some people may critisize the chisel ground edge as making this knife unsuitable for tactical use, due to the thinner blade edge, and the difficulty in making straight cuts, but in the end I think its just a feature and gimmick to give collectors some variety in the knives they collect. I personally do not like the chisel ground edge but it is not a deal breaker. I prefer chisel ground over partially serrated.

Blade Length 4″
Overall Length 9″
Blade Steel: ATs-34
Handle Material: Stainless Steel

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