Microtech Dragonfly Butterfly Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on December 25th, 2007


This is one of two Microtech Dragonflies I have owned, with the beautifully milled Aluminum handles and smooth stonewashed blade. This one was made during the period when 154CM was unreliable and has the 14-4CrMo steel blade. This specimen has the combo edged blade, which in my opinion is less desirable, however sometimes you can’t be picky when there’s a sale!

I’m not an avid flipper, but the aluminum handles on the Dragonfly does seem to be a bit lighter and harder to generate centrifugal force. I disassembled this one and the knife is very well built. There are bronze phosphorous bushings and bearing sleeves on the screws. It does open very smoothly and the blade never touches the sides of the insides of the handles, just as a high-quality bali should be.

There are some questions as to whether or not Microtech is a good company to deal with, and based on what I’ve read, I would never support the company again. I usually don’t like to step on toes, but this is the case. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t make first rate knives, because they do. Tony Marfione and the rest of the guys at Microtech may not be stand-up guys, but they make a mean knife.

Overall I think the Microtech Dragonfly is probably one of the best values in high-end butterfly knives being that you can get one for under $100. The spyderfly also falls into this category, but is not quite as easy to flip with. Perfectly made knife with excellent fit and finish.

Overall Lenght: 8 3/4″
Blade Length: 3 3/4″
Blade Steel: Latrobe 14-4 CrMo
Handle Material: Aluminum

9 Responses to “Microtech Dragonfly Butterfly Knife”

  1. jeppe Says:

    fed knife

  2. flnka Says:

    How much you think sell it?

  3. Rasobasi420 Says:

    I’ve found that the Dragonfly Butterfly’s pivot and latch pins tend to loosen after some flipping. This is obviously problematic since on more than one occasion I’ve lost the latch pin altogether and was forced to crawl around on the floor looking for the damn thing.

    For brief flipping, it’s cool. For anything lasting more than 10 to 20 flips I’d tighten the pins to be safe.

  4. corwin99 Says:

    Might be a good idea to get some locktite and secure those screw pins..

  5. not tellin :/ Says:

    crap, i want a balisong so bad but its illegal here up in canada

  6. Nebie Says:

    You can still get them, I live in Canada and I know some people with them. ou can also get them shipped.

  7. ryan Says:

    I love this knife,,I have the microtech vetor, the microtech ultra with the carbon handel, and I just bought the MOD hawkins triton,, its a great knife , every one want it cause its in the new james bond movie go figure,, IF you a knife collector I suggest you get one as soon as possible , i bought mine for $249 on sale from $299, u can still pick them up for 300 + if you look hard , i have seen them marked as high as $1,035.50 ,
    believe or not i am a US NAVY SEAL, and we use SOG SEAL Team Elite, most of my team does my team leader and i and a couple other guys use the MPK Ti, made by mission knives, it about the same but the rust corrosion factor from the seawater is better, for a hand to hand combat knife take a look at strider mod MFS and DS great hand to hand combat knife..GOD BLESS

  8. ryan Says:

    Im out country excuss the miss spelling , its not realaxing here, we never get to get online ,lol … But the worst is over, this is some R&R for me , take care gentlemen

  9. joel Says:

    i have a anduújar made in spain.. butterfly knife.. i don’t know if its crap or not please tell me :/

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