James McGowan Custom Mini-Chop Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on April 29th, 2008


The Mini-Chop was designed by my friend Norman Lee, and built by James McGowan of Ontario, Canada. This bad boy reminds me a bit of the little prybars and tools that Peter Atwood makes, which Norman is a fan of. I received this little knife as a present in the mail for Christmas from Norman, and it is a very cool knife indeed.

The knife is cut from crucible 154CM steel and flat ground on both sides. Even though this knife is designed by Norman, it has some of the aesthetics of James’ MAK-1 knife in it. The flats of the knife are heat colored, and a green leather lanyard hangs off a hole in the back. The whole knife is satin finished, no bead-blasting here!

The knife wasn’t extremely sharp when I got it, but I fixed that up quite quickly. The Edge is not extremely thin either, so this knife will never be a great cutter, but the edge design does make it good for opening boxes, or prying things open, should you not care about damaging the edge of your knife!

It came with a Kydex sheath which can be mounted on your belt I suppose or hung around your knife as a neck knife. Its actually quite a cool little knife that you can just pull out really quickly and use.

Blade Length: 1 1/4″
Overall Length: 3″
Blade Steel: 154CM


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    i love that hunting knife can i bye it from u some way my name is justin if so tell me in one of your viedos thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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