Kirby Lambert Mini-Tac Damascus Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on October 14th, 2007


This was my very first Kirby Lambert knife, and is an awesome peice. I love it and will likely never sell it, since it is very dear to me. It is not only my first Kirby Lambert knife, but the first fully custom knife I ever ordered, and the first of many I have purchased from Kirby. He is now my favourite knife maker!

I remember when I ordered this knife from Kirby about 5 years ago, and he was a little known maker with a lot of potential. I was really happy with the knife and really liked the idea of supporting an up and coming new maker. I asked for random pattern damascus and carbon fiber scales with all blue titanium everything else.

I elected to have standoffs in the back instead of a backspacer due to cost efficiency. I purchased this a while ago when money was more scarce, and backspacers were a luxury! The primary concern was a Damascus blade. I actually only own 2 folders with carbon steel blades. Both are from Kirby, this is one of them, and the other is the spearpoint with hamon.

This blade was forged by Kirby and Brian Lyttle. Its a beautiful old-school damascus blade with heavy etching. The blade just goes together so well, and Kirby’s potential is evident. The blade is razor sharp and because it is carbon steel I have had to polish the edge once to remove some slight oxidation on it. I do keep it oiled to prevent anything major.

One of the most fascinating things about this knife is the extremely thin primary edge bevel. It is almost convex in it’s shape, and comes right to a really fine edge almost like a japanese sword. A sword is another thing I’d love to get from Kirby one day.. doubt that’s going to happen though!

The carbon fiber handle on this guy is also quite amazing. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and smooth carbon fiber handles I’ve ever owned. The pattern is also outstanding. Quite often you get funky patterns with Carbon Fiber when it is shaped, but this stuff looks and feels fantastic. Definately one of my knives that brings the fondest memories and really is a unique peice from a fantastic maker.

Blade Steel: O2/L6 Damascus Steel
Blade Length: 3 1/4″
Overall Length: 7 1/2″
Bolsters: Annodized Carbon Fiber

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