Kirby Lambert Mother of Pearl Damascus Incinerator

Reviewed by corwin99 on July 11th, 2008

My lastest acquisition from the mind of Kirby Lambert, this Mother of Pearl Damascus Incinerator folder is both bold and breathtaking. Imposing in size at 4″ in blade length and an overall length of 8 3/4″, this knife not only looks, but feels the part.

This is one of the yearly folders that I get from Kirby. I always order one every year, and this year I decided to treat myself to one of his beautiful upscale folders. Kirby completely outdid himself with this one, with completely symmetrical vine fileworking all the way around the bi-color gold and blue annodized titanium liners. Inside, the liners are jeweled and the inside of the backspacer inlaid with 3 ball bearings – very cool.

On the outside, the bolsters and the blade are both made of Devin Thomas Reptillian Damascus, while the handles are made of beautiful presentation grade mother of pearl. The matching dual thumbstuds also have mother of pearl inlaid for an extra nice touch.

Blade is perfectly hollow-ground as is expected from Kirby. Mr. Lambert also started hollow grinding his knives about a year ago, which I may have pointed out at one time before. This is my first peice from him that is hollow ground, and I like it alot.

Kirby’s knives are not only well constructed, they are well designed. They are comfortable to use and carry, and are well thought out in terms of aesthetics. The Inferno is one of my favourite patterns, and I’m sure if you are considering a purchase of this knife you not be disappointed.

Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length: 8 3/4″
Blade Steel: Devin Thomas Reptillian Damascus
Bolsters: Devin Thomas Reptillian Damascus
Handle: Mother of Pearl

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