Steve Corkum Small Persian Neck Knife

Reviewed by corwin99 on September 6th, 2009


Steve Corkum has a bit of a bad reputation online for not delivering paid knife orders, and has even earned himself a spot on the Blade Forums Hall of Shame. While this is a bit of an embarassment and challenges his credibility as an honest person and businessman, he still makes a very impressive knife.

This small Persian is the first custom Steve Corkum knife I have owned, and while small, it is a very robust and well make knife. The Zero-Ground convex edge is perfect, and while mine no longer shows the visible hamon, it used to look very impressive… all in all, a very nicely made knife with a rarely seen grind for around $300.

I have to admit that his previous bad reputation does tarnish the enjoyability of the knife somewhat, but everyone makes mistakes, and the knife on its own, is very nice. The cord-wrapped handle is resin-impregnanted, making it impervious to sweat and moisture, and also very grippy. The knife is extremely thick, and appears to use 1/4″ stock.
The spine is also ground to the top of the edge grind, leaving the knife with no flats.. very nicely done and much more difficult that typical grinds that knifemakers these days do.

The turks head knot begins right at the edge of the blade, leaving the ricasso and plunge grind not visible. The rayskin is sort of yellowish/off-white color, with the black cord-wrap perhaps not showing the perfectly shaped diamonds that most Japanese Sword Collectors would expect, but given the application of this knife, it is satisfactory.

The knife is supplied with a Kydex sheath, which scratches up the blade a bit when it is deployed and replaced, but these types of things are unavoidable. Overall, its a fantastic knife, with very beautiful grind lines, made by a very skilled knifemaker. I feel the quality of the blade is very good and I enjoy having the Steve Corkum Small Persian in my collection. It works really well as a neck knife, and could be strapped to a boot as well.

Blade Length: 3 1/2″
Overall Length: 7 1/4″
Blade Steel: Clay Tempered 1050 carbon steel
Handle Material: Ray Skin Wrapped with Resin Impregnanated Cord

5 Responses to “Steve Corkum Small Persian Neck Knife”

  1. Ripped off by steve corkum Says:

    Its a shame you have to “promote” a liar and a thief like corkum when there are so many other legitimate knifemakers out there. It has been proven over and over again that he steals peoples money, and NEVER delivers on any knives.

    As mentioned on other “blade forums” there is a buying freeze on his junk… which by the way has absolutely no resale value on the secondary market due to his reputation.

    Please promote other, more deserving knifemakers products.

  2. corwin99 Says:

    Sorry to hear you were ripped off by Steve Corkum, but how do you figure is a “Shame” that I am reviewing a knife that I received in a trade? I am not promoting Steve and I’m not supporting him.

    It really sucks that you were taken by him, but I don’t know you any more than I know him. I got the knife in a trade, and now I’m giving my thoughts on it. Thanks for letting me know that I got a worthless knife in trade however, its good to know. I won’t try trading this one off and risk getting flamed 😉

  3. Alex Says:

    You didn’t get a worthless knife corwin99. I’ve lusted for a couple of Corkum’s knives myself, but didn’t do any business with him for fear of losing my money. I’d buy one of his knives from a 3rd party though, who has his knives on hand, to sell me.

    As far as resale value, I don’t buy knives to resell, so for someone like me his rep doesn’t matter, but if he’d just done an honest business he’d have made a ton more money then by stealing, because the man’s got a flair for blades.

  4. corwin99 Says:

    He does make some pretty nice knives, and was one of the few makers out there that did some Zero-ground blades. I ended up selling this one, to fund something else. Resale value is somewhat important to me because I like to keep my collection at a certain size, and just change up the knives once in a while.

  5. Chris Says:

    You like zero-ground blades? Sean Kendrick makes some, I handled a couple about a month ago, smaller fixed blades with micarta scales and mosaic pins. They were pretty sweet. Those are the only ones I know about.

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