Strider Knives - Knife Reviews

Strider Knives is an American owned and operated Company, whose goal is the evolution of Problem Solving Tools. No-nonsense high-speed tools for Hardcore Individuals is their promise, and they are indeed keeping it! Some say Striders are overpriced, but some say they are just overbuilt. Perhaps it is a bit of both, but in the end they make a fantastic knife that can stand up to anything.

Using only the finest materials, and latest technology, Strider Knives continues to set the pace in cutting geometry, function and durability. They provide a large number of knives to military personnel and are heavily involved in the knife community as participants in the forums. Strider was started by Mick Strider and Dwayne Dwyer, who both also make custom knives in addition to the large line of production knives they produce.